Monday, July 16, 2007

I am feeling like a tourist in my new town. I mean, I think it is the combination of not working and a new town. I am walking around and I actually feel like I am on some sort of altered vacation. I look with wide eyes at things. It is kinda like the game I used to play while riding in a car- I would turn my head and focus on something, a blade or grass...a rock...a piece of guard rail... and think to myself how I had never seen that before this split second. I would also make up combinations of words and utter them as if they were magic speak- I was certain that I had never said this string of words before...
I am sure it is some sign of creative genius

Anyhoo, this is kinda what I am feeling now. I am focused so hard of bricks and signage and streets. I am staring and staring at faces and houses that are so new to me I smile.
I am sensing a real community.
I am smelling a great childhood for the boys.
I am hearing home.

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