Monday, July 2, 2007

hot full wet eyes

It has been a hard day. I worked my last day today. As I stopped by Starbucks this morning I got choked up at the sight of my local barista. I won't really be seeing him anymore. The drive to work included this particular stop.

I also got a bit sad when I deleted years of folders and files and email. I had a deep relationship with that computer.

The worst was lunch time and my students looked at me and I could see the little bits of sadness and confusion as I stumbled to say goodbye.

It is hard to expect little kids to understand that you learned from them and that leaving feels like little pins in yr skin. It is difficult to arm them with all the protection and luck and love for the future in one goodbye hug after another.

Hot full wet eyes and I drove away.
I drove straight to my boys
and they were smiling.

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