Thursday, November 10, 2011


I like showing off the people that I love.
I love Lisa.
I hired her to make my website and she is a great source of help and inspiration to me.
I asked her to share a bit about herself and I wanted to show off her new little Etsy Shop.
{love it}

I am a Mom, wife, designer, photographer, laundry procrastinator and chocolate addict (among many other things). I am also the owner and head designer behind Moxie Pear. I live just south of Atlanta, GA with my husband aka "The Baconator", my two crazy kids, a cat that thinks it's a person and a lunatic of a dog (and a recently rescued kitten). In 2005 I decided to combine my passion for graphic/web design and small business into a full service design studio. I recently started Write with Moxie, a side project that introduced a cool alternative to the everyday pencil. Each one made from 100% recycled color paper and come in a variety of colors to brighten up your space. You can take a peek into my crazy life and behind the scenes hi jinx at Moxie Pear by visiting my blog, a house full of moxie.

In the handmade world it is nice to know the smart cool kids.
I was introduced to Lisa via Tiffin- ANOTHER cool kid.
Man I am surrounded.

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