Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coca-Cola and Amy Turn Sharp


I try and live each day with my thoughts pointed upward. I am pretty lucky to have a lot of amazing people in my life that I feel are my buoys. They keep me floating and make me see what an amazing life I do have. I try and always remember that my attitude is rubbing off on my children and I want them to remember me smiling and laughing more than being negative and stressed out from work. It is not always easy but I am trying. I have Joe to help me center and redo the days that go wonky. I am lucky to be married to a light source like him. I believe thinking positively has been a catalyst for good things coming to me. I feel like the more open I am to being mindful of positive thinking, the more goodness flows to me. I feel like it makes me want to pass the goodness on to others as well.

I am super lucky that I will travel to Atlanta in a few days with BlogHer and Coca-Cola to attend the "Conversations with Coca-Cola" event where I will meet with top Coca-Cola leadership. I am really excited for a lot of reasons. I like sharing and learning from business minded people as this can empower me in my own business life to push myself to do better each day. I am also excited because my father is a vintage Coca-Cola memorabilia collector and it is like an icon of home to me! We have a glass bottle Coke machine in the kitchen of my childhood home! I have traveled all over with my father collecting cool old signs and bottles with my dad.It's like a part of my childhood coming back to me!

OK. So tell me things about Atlanta? Where should I go if I have some free time? What should I ask Coca Cola? Just tell me things. Coke will be paying for my travel and lodging and I am being financially compensated for writing this post. I am still me during this time. You can trust that I will tell you my opinions. ox


kirida said...

Looking forward to meeting you there!

linwood avenue said...

um, go out to dinner with me silly! what days are u here?

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

For a really delicious meal, try The Shed at Glenwood.

Get the ding dong cake for dessert!


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