Friday, May 6, 2011

NYC and Igloo Letterpress

I have told you about Igloo Letterpress before. I heart it.
Allison is a local gem here in Worthington, Ohio. She is a friend and sometimes biz partner in the indie world and she is sending me to NYC to help her run the Igloo booth at the Stationery Show next week!

Um. EXCITED! I love the city and I love meeting people and this should be a great gig for me.
It is even better than a trip to NYC bc Allison is letting me bring some goodies from Little Alouette to display and we worked on some projects together too.

I am over the moon for Joe's handmade lovelies to be on display in such a BIG show! 

photo credit :: littletreestudios


Neil said...

Sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Love that little ampersand! I just wrote a little blog post about your etsy shop; your stuff is so cute - esp. those little owls. :)


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