Friday, May 27, 2011

Five Minute Breakfast Poems

I want to drive in a car with you fast à la Tracy Chapman
And figure this all out in one go round the town
I always told you
I wanted to crawl up inside the corner of your mouth
people underestimate feeling safe with someone
it’s not thrilling and charming and daring enough
to just feel safe

I need to put my head down on the cool laminate table
the one we pulled from the street in the rain
years back in the infancy of all of this
the one that holds up our bowls of oatmeal and hot black coffee
I want to put my face on it and just let everything
all the mess and stress
it all pools at my feet
when I look up and see
that one true thing
that one thing
my eyes fly to

your safe face

1 comment:

Sizzle said...

I have been seeking safety for so long and now that I found it, I keep trying to push it away. We're so complicated, us humans.

This is sweet and perfect, this poem.


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