Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Concerts I wish I could have attended #8

And because this is a fantasy post series:
I would have worn a cone bra and crinoline under my skirt and freaked out at being in front of Buddy Holly. You know he was a cool cat. I would have worn a red dress.  My favorite song from him is "Not Fade Away"  and it took me a long time to realize it was Buddy's and not the Dead or a Stone's song:

My love a-bigger than a Cadillac
I try to show it and you drive a-me back 

What breaks my heart about Buddy Holly though is this Wiki info:

Holly's pregnant wife, a widow after barely six months of marriage, miscarried soon after, ending that part of the Holly family tree. The miscarriage was reportedly due to “psychological trauma”.[22] Because of this incident, authorities found it necessary, in the months following, to implement a policy against announcing victims’ names until after families had first been informed.[22]MarĂ­a Elena Holly did not attend the funeral, and has never visited the grave site. She later told the Avalanche-Journal:

In a way, I blame myself. I was not feeling well when he left. I was two weeks pregnant, and I wanted Buddy to stay with me, but he had scheduled that tour. It was the only time I wasn't with him. And I blame myself because I know that, if only I had gone along, Buddy never would have gotten into that airplane.[25]

 and there are so many dead rock stars in the sky
here is #10 and # 9

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