Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Concerts I wish I could have attended #7

I love John Hiatt. I used to go to a lil pub in Athens, Ohio where a bunch of older dudes had a rocking band and they would often play Hiatt. I would often get on stage with them. I love slow turning so much that the boys know it by heart I think as it is on our house cleaning mix. We shimmy and shake to it. We wear handkerchiefs on our heads and laugh. I would have loved to have seen him in this show. He is a very important singer/songwriter and I lerv him.

"Have a Little Faith in Me" is me and joe's wedding song.

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Tracy (Tiny Mantras) said...

I lerv him. Bring the Family was the record that got me hooked. Interviewed him when he came through town on the Cry Love tour and asked him if he ever thought of himself as a sex symbol. He laughed really hard, paused and said "no." Wish I could have seen him live anytime with Ry Cooder playing guitar.

laura said...

he's touring right now with lyle should go!


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