Thursday, May 26, 2011

Concerts I wish I could have attended #6

Tori Amos plays in the background of many night memories of the early 90's.
She is as engrained as The Dead or some Counting Crows or anything else that was on constant loop during those formative years. Isn't she so beautiful? She's a poet. She's like Leonard Cohen to me. I have the canon of ATS and she's all over it.


Anonymous said...

i love tori....!

Binkytowne said...

Tori is the soundtrack to my adult life and I'm lucky that I'm close enough to Chicago that she usually stops here (in Milwaukee) for a show. I've seen her lots of times.

I think Tori would say to you, "honey, grab that lad of yours and get to a fucking show already" If you could get here I'd buy you a ticket and take you to a pub and we could swap stories.


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