Monday, April 4, 2011

Poetry Responses from 5MBP

Thanks so much for all that joined in on the Five Minute Breakfast poems.  

Here are some of the gorgeous excerpts:

Yet I still savour painful things, unhealthy things, unnecessary things
like the soft Drum tobacco I used to pull apart
and press into a paper crease,
how it smelled like bacon and bread,
sometimes threading its way onto my tongue.

but we won’t let ourselves think about
how it’s fifteen days
until four years
and how does four years fly by so fast when it feels like
he was just here

Feels Good
This old-is-new-again wordplay.

April First
Not a fool's day at all,
Just a new day
Full of beginnings.

But then sometimes,
(on Saturdays, mostly)
I let the pinch out.

“His father in law is Ingmar Bergman,” houseguest says.
Spouse generalizes, pulls a thread out into a balloon,
which is where we go, on a raft that feels like spoons
lashed together from suppositions.

A friend is finding her way in the world, new and old alike
I am holding bravery for her in my heart.
A friend is manifesting joy and working hard on her dreams

and the baby brother in the car seat beside of him
babbles the hymn of the ignored
and lifts his arms up and down

MONDAY is #2!

One thing I want to stress about this poetry writing is that we are not in search of perfection. We are in draft mode. We want to reach into our minds and find themes or thoughts that have been with us and just start something. JUST GO! We aim to find a perfect sentence or a perfect line that can make us want to write more. This is what we need....words that lead us.

{Did I miss anyone? Please leave me a link so that we can share it }  xoxoxox


Sizzle said...

I am so doing this next time. I was too busy being Nintendo Enthused to participate last Friday. Love these!

Anonymous said...

I love these! Thanks so much for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, is it too late to join the party?? I feel like such a poserwannabe, but gosh I wanna be.


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