Friday, April 22, 2011

Five Minute Breakfast Poems #4 {OK. I know it's like dinner time sorry}

I am late today. Sorry!

Soccer Mom Tweedy Daydreams

In the car I like to sing
turn the radio up loud enough to make me sound brilliant
and sing to my children
it is one of the things I want them to remember 
that I  sang to them
that I always let them see me sing out
words that sometimes made me cry and go far away in the eyes

I am thinking of all of the beautiful songs that I mouth everyday
when I fly past buildings and bricks
down highways and tiny town alleys
while sitting in school zones and
when I dance alone
in my underwear in the basement
they think I am doing laundry

I have thirty thousand different love affairs
buried within melodies
stuck on old Memorex
bright with beat

and sometimes I think about calling up my old college roommate who is still in the music scene
who is my neighbor oddly enough now
and we have tiny children
and sometimes meet at parks
instead of bars
and bongs
I think of calling him up and having him shake our mutual friend

the one from which I drifted
down the Mississippi of far away friendship

take those two boys
who are now men and write songs with them
scribble scrabble all the words down because
I know they want me to
I know we can't recreate the early 90's
because that is the frozen tundra of love
but we could make this time
sound so amazing

look at all 

we know 

right now

Yr turn. Go! xo


Anonymous said...

I looked for you earlier today but then had to head out myself. I'm sitting here eating cold pizza, warmed by your breakfast/dinnertime verse.

And it makes me happy. Especially the thought of you pretend laundry dancing. :)

Here's flowed like rain today:

Tara R. said...

HA! I still sing to my kids, but their response is so much different than when they were little. Now, they are mortified... makes the singing that much sweeter and louder.

My poem is here: Meeting God

Dani said...

Mine was a dinner poem too. If you post things from our poems, I hope you post the link at the bottom of mine, but if you can't, I understand!

Tracy Lynn said...

Lovely. I posted a poem as well. But it was for breakfast. If breakfast is depressing.

Elan Morgan said...

I was late, too! It's that kind of day.

Sizzle said...

Love this:

I have thirty thousand different love affairs
buried within melodies
stuck on old Memorex
bright with beat

I can relate so much! If I ever kids I am going to sing my heart out to them. I always sing with my nephew.

amykblum said...

I played again!

This is so fun! Thanks for being brilliant! :-)

Bridget said...

Oh, we're singers, too. I mean the ridiculously-passionate-people-at-the-stop-light-stare kind of singers. And (for now, at least) my littles still love it and join in. But 6 will soon turn into 16...and 4 into 14...and 2 into 12...and 3 months into 10 years. And I know that they will cringe. So for now we sing it up. We giggle together. We sing silly songs. We dance in our undies in the living room. We "make this time sound so amazing", at least to our own ears.

Thanks for your beautiful words.


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