Thursday, March 24, 2011

{5 minute breakfast poems}

I love poetry. You know I would love to stop everything and be a reclusive poet right?
I would. It always sucked all my air out to be around the poetry professors in college.
I could not even get over my jealousy that this was their life.
I was in awe. Novels and essays and so many other writings stay with you for a long time
but I like that poetry assaults you right there in the split second and then it's over.
And then you go all post poetry thoughtful and glum and think about things ever so differently for those moments.

My favorite thing is to really carry a poem in my pocket sometimes.
Pull it out at the market or while pumping gas and read it like a snack.
Like a tiny bite.
And sometimes you have to press yr hand against yr mouth all dramatically
and get back in yr car and cry.
And it is poetry.

Last year I wrote a couple posts with an egg timer during breakfast for National Poetry month and would love to do it again. I know I write in the instant. I always do. I can't stop and ponder and plan or I won't write. I know not everyone feels this way.
I think that this type of exercise is good for all writing though. Just take an egg time out and write for five minutes over yr breakfast. Scribble scrabble.
When it dings you have a poem.
Or at least one damn fine sentence I bet.
And sometimes that is all that a girl needs...

There are days that you just need one fine string of words that can break a heart.

You wanna do this with me in April? I know Helen and Michelle and Sizzle are in. How about you?
Leave a comment and let us know. I will have something for you on 3/31 and we can start on April Fools day and run every Friday. 


Anonymous said...

i love what you write. feel related to your words, so much!!

Sizzle said...

I need to buy an egg timer. ;-)

JK I am in.

Olavo Marques said...

I´m following you! good blog!

Please, follow my blog:

Anonymous said...

I love this game :)

schmutzie said...

I think I just might be very into this and probably also need it.

amykblum said...

yes please! i wanna play! can i , can i? please, please?

Mama K's said...

how long is an egg timer anyway...
3 minutes?

Rowena said...

I'm late to the game, but I think I'd like to join in on the 5 minute poems. Once upon a time poetry was my life. Maybe I need some words of the moment in my life again.

Egg timer poems away!

rowena at

violet said...

ok, Amy, I'm in :)
thank you for inspiring me yet again...

Martha said...

okay - I picked this up from Amy B - how does it work ? I want to play also ....

noel said...

I love this! I'd love to join too! I don't have an egg timer ... but I just got this new phone that's smarter than me (and it has a stop watch on it!)

A Thirty Something said...

I am going to start my English classes off with this. I love this idea!

A Thirty Something said...

I am going to start my English classes off with this. I love this idea!

City Life to Ranching Wife said...

I don't think I'd be able to get a poem down while being timed. Talk about pressure! ;)

Peter said...

What a cool idea.

Bummed I missed out.


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