Monday, October 25, 2010

there was a little boy who swallowed his tooth

We were driving down Rt.33 yesterday morning and
I glanced back at Finnian in the rear view mirror:

Me: FINN! You lost yr front tooth! Where is it?
Finn: I have no idea!


Unknown said...

LOL I did that once at a Sunday / holiday dinner.... I was eating mashed potatoes, and in one bite the tooth was there, in the next, it was gone ROFL.

Christina said...

I swallowed the first tooth I ever lost. I was 5 and eating a sandwich, and after I ate it, my babysitter noticed I was now missing a tooth.

The tooth fairy was still kind enough to stop by, even though she didn't want to wait - or look for - the tooth.

Sizzle said...

That's adorable!

Will it come out in his poop? I wonder about such things.

Heather said...

oh that jack-o-lantern grin--great photo!! Mine nearly swallowed hers with pizza the other night!

K said...

Henry lost his firts tooth yesterday. Then he really lost it. I drafted an affidavit for the fairy.


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