Friday, July 16, 2010

who are you?

How do you sign your letters?

Yours Truly,

I have always ended my letters like this:

not sure who I copied this from years and years ago
the summer I was fifteen
my head most likely buried in library books
of some famous person to another
but I did and it has become more than a signature
it's my signature
like a familiar perfume pulling your head across a crowded room
or quirky fashion choices that reverb in tiny taverns

it's me.
who are you?


Unknown said...

guided by voices

(i loved the band so much i took it on as my own, but who write letters anymore?)

TexasBobbi said...

In the past few months I seem to have adopted Live, Love, laugh as mine and
often I use "always. Bobbi Janay".

Sizzle said...

I like that "as ever". It's lovely. I dislike "warm regards" immensely. Usually it's "best to you" and more lately it's "go with happiness" because I can't get that Swell Season song out of my head.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I like "always" or "as always."

But for family and friends I generally go with "love." People expect it - and really, you can never go wrong with love. Unless you're writing a thank you note after an interview of course. Then I'm "sincerely" all the way.

Anonymous said...
check this out. good stuff.

Tara R. said...

I've been neglectful in letter writing, mostly limiting them to my husband. I end love notes to him, "always and forever."

Carla said...

I adore "godspeed". I don't think I've ever used it but I wish I did. Then again, I also wish I actually still wrote things by hand. Perhaps it's time to get back to it.

godspeed =)


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