Thursday, March 25, 2010

pasta with zucchini and ricotta night

Just keeping it real with mismatched dishes and drinking water out of measuring cups and a wreck of a house. (and a big old can of CocaCola for preggers in the background) But man they ate the heck out of Pasta with Zucchini and Ricotta . (we used linguine) I am having trouble with the boys being finicky lately and it's been pissing me off. Finn is into starvation and Blaise prefers all things candy. I was shocked that they ate the pasta dish but it was lervly.

I love reading what other people have for dinner.

This is what we are eating for next 8 days:

Fri- Frozen pizza bc mum is out with Michelle and Jenn
Sat- Pork souvlakis with Big Greek Salads
Sun- Roast Chicken roast pots/veg/salad
Mon-Leftover Chicken Salad sammies w/pasta salad
Tues-Enchilada night (my first time making) any hints?
Wed-Turkey Burgers and salads
Thurs- Bean and Cheese Burritos
Fri- wildcard pantry renegade cooking night


Heather said...

enchiladas? so damn good and so damn messy in the making w/ the dipping the tortillas in the sauce part. expect it and put it all together near the sink, because OMG messy. Or at least if you're a dunce in the kitchen like me!

Sizzle said...

I should not have read this while hungry. Yum!

Karen said...

tonight: ham and bean soup w/bread, kids had mac & cheese plus celery b/c we only had enough left for the two of us.
tomorrow: probably go out?
saturday: who knows, I'll be at a party.
sunday: randy'll make it. all i know is i won't have to.

so pretty much i'm skating by for the rest of the week.

Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen) said...

Lil is into starvation right now too; her diet consists of cereal, milk, chicken, rice, and some fruit. It drives me bonkers!!

amanda said...

You plan? I am in a puddle of failure. Ack.

Ser said...

I love reading about what other people are cooking/grocery shopping for/eating/meal planning. Mmmmmm.

My oldest got super picky at 3-4 and it peaked at 5-6 and is now getting better at 7.5. Try to be mellow about it if you can. I think it is natural at this age.

Our dinners this week:
Sunday: Moose meatloaf (we have lots of moose from my FIL in the freezer since we are crazy Alaskans--but not Sarah Palin crazy!)

Monday: Cheese lasagne (this is not veggie, my fave, b/c of kids)

Tuesday: Out

Wed: Leftovers

Thurs: Mexican (we do buffet style make your own burritos and tacos so everyone is happy)

Friday: Coconut curry lentil soup and homemade bread (kids will probably only eat bread and veggie side dish)

JessTrev said...

I'm not sure I can really follow moose meatloaf:

tonight: salmon w/brown sugar, cumin, cinnamon crust + udon noodle soup w/chicken broth + spinach

plus black bottom (chocolate with cream cheese + choc chips inside) cupcakes with bunny fur (coconut- an abomination, but necessary) + whiskers (licorice, nec abomination #2)

tomorrow: out to dinner!

That's all I have planned...spring break, baby!

But enchiladas! Love em. Soak some beans the night before (cmon, you don't want bpa canned beans, right? little house on the prairie it up!) and cook for a few hours slowly with garlic. (You can totally do your beans a couple days before, whenever it is convenient.)

Easy enchiladas: use some of your leftover chicken (you can soak the carcass in boiling water and get the dregs + make stock at the same time) + shredded cheese + beans (pinto are nice but my family demands black beans) + heather is right, just dip your tortillas in the sauce + roll em up. I use green salsa (tomatillo) cause I love it, and some chopped cilantro. You can throw a little chicken broth on the top if you have it handy. Cook at 350 for about an hour. Have sour cream on top. MmmmmM!

kristen said...

I'll be over Sat Tues and Thursday so set a place for me!

Abby said...

For even easier enchiladas, you could also just layer your tortillas and filling and bake it, casserole style. Then serve it like lasagna.

mrs boo radley said...

The "into starvation lately" line made me laugh.

We do respite care for foster kids sporadically and we do bento-style everything...little servings of lots of stuff here and there for their meals, which seems the easiest right now. Spoonfuls of baked yams with butter, zucchini, turkey breast all cut up, bulk breakfast sausage by the pound from a neighborhood market (browned), cinnamon almonds (recipe: ), tiny tangerine slices, boiled eggs (one loves the yolks, one loves the whites, the other loves both, so it works out), baked cinnamon apples...

Ser, I would LOVE moose. We eat yak and elk and buffalo...mmm.


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