Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My nose feels like Velcro.

I am suffering from a cold. It is devastating me. This winter is the worst.
I am trying every holistic concoction to feel better.
Every cocktail of herb and twig to rid me of this malarkey because I must board a plane on Thursday for Houston!
I am going to Mom 2.0 where I will spin round and round in a sea of pals and even speak a bit on "Why Women Are So 2.0". I am really excited to go- I just hope I feel better soon!
Any good ideas?
My nose feels like Velcro.

I also am taking a wee blog break so I can conference and attend to some Little Alouette business and others things. I have some awesome friends coming over to guest post for me for the next week. I know you will love them! (We may have a giveaway I heard! Awesome.)
I will be back refreshed and ready to burst back into my space with lerv.

If you are at MOM 2.0- follow @littlealouette for chances to win TOYS! xoxoxox
I may even have something to share. xoxoxo

photo via loveyourchaos


TZT said...

I swear by Vicks Vaporub, humidifiers, garlic, Cold-eze and hot tea. I can't do cold medicine without getting the heebie jeebies.

Tried the Neti Pot for the 1st time with my last nasty cold and was surprised at how much relief it + alternate nasal breathing gave me.


Hope you feel better!

Alexis said...

Have fun and I hope your nose feels like velvet soon!

Secret Agent Mama said...

Have fun and be well, ma cherie.

Secret Agent Mama said...

Have fun and be well, ma cherie.

village mama said...

You know what I'm going to say Amy, stay away from the artificial crap. Natural remedies are slower, but long term gain is remarkable. Some faves:
1. bring a large pot of water to boil, add the juice of two lemons (or cut up two lemons and drop them in pot, organic best so you know no toxins going in) also add a fat thumb's worth of fresh ginger, drink day & night, hot & cold, do not heat up in microwave, will call all healthy enzymes; 2. clear nose w/Xlear nasal wash; 3. no negative thoughts 4. tissue salts (ask Whole Foods specialist which you need, depends on your symptoms 5. general tonic cell salt, combo of 12 by schuessler, I use daily, instead of vitamins 6. laughter, wherever you can find it, hang on tight and laugh! xoxoxoxox


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