Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help us name the new WOODLAND ANIMALS- Little Alouette contest!

Thanks everyone for playing! After MUCH grueling name picking fun:


Congrats to Kittenpie and Schmutzie~ Please email me at amy at littlealouette dot com and send me yr addresses! xoxoxo

Help us name the woodland creatures!
The BEAR and the FOX need names!
Bella the Bear? Frankie the Fox? HELP!

Help Little Alouette name the newest members of the wee teething safe toy line.

The new WOODLAND SET is in need of snappy new names.
Help give BEAR & FOX a cool new moniker!

(4 pieces of wood love!)

We will choose a winner for the FOX and a winner for the BEAR!

1. Leave a comment with your picks for new names. GET CREATIVE!
2. Twitter (@littlealouette) or blog about it and earn one more chance for each.(leave a new comment and tell us what you have done to spread the word.)
3. Have FUN!
4. We will announce the winner next Wednesday right here!

Good luck and ALL MONTH 10% of the sales from WOODLAND SETS will go to UNICEF to
help children affected by the earthquake in Haiti! xo


karey m. said...

i like budgie for the bear. and philomena for the fox.

budgie and phil. best friends since last spring.

Patti said...

Bear - Brutus (hee!), Blaise (heehee!), Kodiak

Fox - Frances, Ferdinand, Sylvester

resa troyer said...

Frannie the Fox and Bradford the Bear.


Stewart the Fox and Samson the Bear

They are so cute! And what a great thing you're doing for Haiti.

mrsbeccijo said...

Fred the Fox and Ted the Bear
Fread and Ted short for Teddy!

amandyanderson said...

I think Kit is the cutest name for a Fox ever! AND it's a breed of fox! :)And as for the bear I have to go with my favorite care bear Tenderheart.

So Fox - Kit
Bear - Tenderheart :)

Amelia Sprout said...

Fiona Fox and Ursa the Bear.

Imagination Kids said...

How lovely!

Bertrand the bear.

Phineas the fox.

Imagination Kids said...


Tsuru Bride said...

Akira the fox and Norse the Bear. =)

And you better believe I'm all over tweeting this!

Maple Shade Kids said...

How Fun! How about....

FELICE the FOX meaning Fortunate and Happy in Latin.

BALLARD the BEAR meaning Brave in German.

Maple Shade Kids said...

I off to tweet and post on my facebook!

Lorin and Heather said...

Barlow the Bear and Fredrick the Fox. This set is so cute!!

Elizabeth said...

Eli has suggested "Fisker the Fox"


Farrah Foxcett and Bob.

Anonymous said...

Ben for the bear.

Faye for the fox.

Heather said...

Ruby-fox and Barus-bear; which happen to be the names of a Great Aunt and Uncle's too :)

Heather said...

oh, and it re-tweeted

paige said...

fox = Astrid

bear = Elliott

I just really like those names ;)

Nanna said...

Freddie the fox and Benjie the bear.

Deb Rox said...

These names are brilliant, but still I feel compelled to play too!

I've been surrounding myself in stories of wild and woody women artists this month, so I like the idea of all of your animals being chicks. These friends look out for Fiona Fawn and her need for quiet to create, and she keeps them stocked with supplies and flowers. She loves their sense of danger, and Fox's wicked humor and Bear's brutal loyalty. They meet at Tree for tea, cake and sometimes shots of honeyed scotch.

Georgia O'Fox (she would love the form of that fox, I just know it. The skull too.)


Tamara Bear (instead of Teddy, after Tamara de Lempicka)

though Ursula is always a fine bear name.

Writers and mamas, we love to name things, don't we?

Piper of Love said...

Slick the Fox
Barney the Bear

Slick and Barney cause a ruckus in the woods.. yes, they do.

Deb said...

if you sell them as a pair, they could be foxy & brown. you think that would go over the heads of those precious little tots that are your target customers?

jenrust said...

Reynard Fox and Vega Bear.

Although, I am quite fond of Deb's suggestion of Georgia O'Fox.

How funny to me that I assumed these sweet woodland creatures were boys. They can be girls too!

Kudos for donating to Haiti!

jc said...

Bosco the bear,
Foster the fox.

Elan Morgan said...

Fennel the Fox
Bellows the Bear

Alexis said...

Fox=Vulpini, Reynard, Red, or Grey

Bear=Grizzly, Bjorn, Bruin, or Brown

essbesee said...

Bear - Bennie

Fox - Roxy

or Bertram Bear and Esme the Fox

Kim said...

Friskie the Fox and BoBo the Bear

Kim said...

I tweeted it :)

Kim said...

My kids had to vote too!

The boy votes Sam the Fox and Michael the Bear.

The girl votes Samla the Fox and Dubby the Bear.

We've also had an imaginary friend around these parts for YEARS named Fluoride. That would be fun, since they're teething and all ;)

SeReGa said...

Boris- the bear

Alexandra (Alex) - the fox

Unknown said...

hmmm... lots of great choices!

i think i like:
Barnaby the Bear
Felix the Fox

Angela said...

Such gooooood suggestions so far!
How 'bout: Bernard the Bear and Fritz the fox. :)

Liz said...

Bruno the Bear and Felix the Fox!!!

MommyTime said...

For the bear: Bernice or Bumble (personally, I love Bumble, but I don't know if you want a girl name)

For the fox: Flora

Anonymous said...

i like loretta for the bear and vern for the fox.

Anonymous said...

i also like michael j for the fox or Bonita, if it is a she!

Teddy is also just a simple, cute bear name.

Unknown said...

Bella the Bear
Fiona the Fox

I like the idea of all girl names too.

Jodi said...

How about Bearhug & Foxy?

E... said...

How about Fennec the Fox and Baloo Bear?

The Magic Onions said...

Ours would be... Felix the fox and Bonny the bear.
Fun contest!!
Blessings and magic,
Donni from Fairyfolk

Sue said...

Hugo the bear
Selina the fox

Beautiful creatures! :0)

Kathleen W. said...

I like Scout the Fox and Boo the Bear (I've got To Kill a Mockingbird on the brain for some reason).

Hollie May said...

Bertram the Bear
Humphrey the fox

woolies said...

Lots of great names already suggested!

How about:
Franklin the Fox, I also love Kit
Brittany the Bear (why does she have to be a she?)

Or Bella the Bear

Erica K said...

Barnaby the Bear

mari said...

I love naming product. But you've got some great options already!
I immediately thought of Boris Bear and Francine Fox (Francine in honor of my childhood stuffed raccoon).

I'm glad to see a woodland set in the mix!

VoteAudrey said...

Ferdinand the Fox. Rather sly fellow, but good-natured all around. Fancies tea, but dislikes nettles.

Bellona the Bear. Fond of daydreaming and dandelions too. Rainy days make her sad but the rainbows make it better.


Alessandra@ Tribal Times said...

Foxy McFoxerton for the Fox
Mr. Honeypot for the bear.
Sweet lil' contest :)

Jen from SewnNatural said...

Your pieces are so lovely, and there are a lot of great choices and suggestions so far.

How about Friskito the Fox, and Humphrey the bear?

Thanks for asking!

Rebecca said...

Lovely pieces!

How about:

Bart the Bear and Mrs. Fancy Fox

LILLUNIA: Illustrate Illuminate Elevate said...

Fox = Hypatia

Bear = Lucius

We love naming animals at Lillunia!- we are feeling Roman today...

kittenpie said...

That fox looks slick. I think he'd have some snappy patter, like a magician, say. I say name him Renaldo.

And for the bear? Baldwin.

hmstrjam said...

Bruno the bear
and Felix the fox

hmstrjam said...

oh and Pete the pine tree!

Lu said...

Fergus the fox and Betty the bear.
L x

Jennadesigns said...

I like Ferdinand for the Fox (Ferdinand means "ardent for peace").

For the bear... Bella.


Brooke said...

Bella The Bear
Fiona the Fox

They can be girls, right? ;)

(this coming from a boy mommy! LOL!)

Brooke said...

Oh. And I tweeted about the contest!

Rubyellen said...

fin the fox.
bob the bear.

simple, sweet, no-fuss names.

Alexis said...

Zuzu for the fox


Clarence for the bear


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