Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It took me until just then

The snow falls slowly and we all feel warm in the house. Cookies are on the counter and Catherine "the babysitter sent straight from God" is here and making things feel relaxed. I may have a nap today. Our shop is now finished with holiday goodies all sent and sorted and it feels so good! We had a busy etsy shop and a crazy busy dot com this year!

I found my Christmas spirit late last night
I found it in a dive bar and my friend Keith was there too
and the fairy lights everywhere reminded me of my childhood
and I wiped my eyes with my sleeve
And one fat tear fell into my drink and
it is OK that the holidays are a mix of sweet and sad

I think that is what happens the more times we go round the sun.

pic via iamblessed


village mama said...

I found my spirit just this year, on the eve of 39! I would have never met this spirit had it not been for my husband and two children. I'm so grateful I have yet to know how to express it to them...wishing you so much joy and tears and laughter Amy. xo Merry Christmas to my favourite blogger of all time. xoxox

Kate Coveny Hood said...

The holidays are first experienced as magic and wonder. Then they become tinkling glasses at parties and excitement for things to come. And then they become nostalgia and bitter sweet closing chapters. And that's when we look to the children and warm our chilly fingers over the glowing embers that fuel their will to believe and expect and feel entitled to everything the storybooks promise. Starting with a fat guy in red pjs who cranks out dreams all year to deliver on one impossible night. Sounds good to me.

Happy holidays to you my friend.

Natalie at Mommy on FIre said...

I love this - thank you for expressing it so beautifully. You are correct - the older I get, the more bittersweet the holidays seem to be. My children make it more magical now but there is always a twinge of sadness, particularly those of us who have had loss in our lives. Great post - thank you!


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