Wednesday, November 11, 2009

workout grumbling

I look a fright and sound like a freak. But here it is.
This is what I am dealing with. grrr.


karey m. said...

lillie smiled the whole way through this.

so did i.

Melisa Wells said...

You look and sound fine: exactly like someone AT THE GYM! (duh)

Unfortunately it's not easy for any of us as it was 10 years ago; I feel where you're at completely. Just stick with it. You're on the right track; you've got good music, a friendly atmosphere in which to exercise, and the desire to succeed. I keep telling myself that the weight didn't pack on overnight (or even over 6 weeks!), so patience is part of the recipe.

Keep it up! xoxo

virtuallori said...

Amy, my love, you are awesome! I'm struggling right along with you. Lots of work and not feeling a lot of progress. And I wouldn't have the guts to take a video of myself, even if the gym allowed it (they ban all cameras and cell phones and camera phones -- thankfully!). I blame it all on the McQuaid hips & thighs (we all inherited 'em up here in the north of the state).

Patti said...

i love this! i love you!! hi ser!! :D

TZT said...

You go, Mama!

Anonymous said...

I think this video made my day-lol
You are hilarious
-Carrie S

jess said...

I absolutely adore you!

Ser said...

LOVE your video! So funny. Your arms look good, by the way. It has gotten a lot harder for me to drop weight since I hit my 30's, and I'm afraid that this third baby will be the one that does my body in. I already have vericose veins, which I have never had before. Anyway, I love seeing you at the gym. It always brightens my day.

Neil said...

Sending encouragement! That was fun, too!

erin said...

As soon as I saw you had a video posted I ran and grapped a fresh cup of coffee and settled down for what I knew would be an entertaining clip. You are so right. I exercised hard for almost a year with NO weight loss, only got a bit more toned. I started it so my pants would fit more comfortably and after a year they still felt the same. It wasn't until I altered my diet (like not snacking at night an in between meals) that I started to lose. I think it is that past 30 thing that is making a lot harder! Keep it up Amy. You're awesome!

Anonymous said...

You are a brave, generous soul, and my new role model for loosening up and going for it! Your arms are looking great and the rest of your body will follow. You're already doing great things for your heart and lungs. The good thing is that over 30 (or 45, in my case) you know this is for the long term and worth it.

Sending you big cheers --

Unknown said...

your arms look like a 20 year olds!!!!!

everyday katie said...

Loosing weight bites. I lost 50 pounds last year. I organized a little competition... two different times. It was hard but motivational. It's the only thing that worked for me.

Here's a link to the rules:

Just on my own little mommy blog, I got 28 people from all over the US to sign up...some complete strangers.

I recommend it.

Thanks again for last night! (wink! wink!)


Katherine Center said...

Go, go! You look great!!! xoxo!

Autumn said...

This video is hilarious. I LOVE it. Thanks for the fun last night. So nice meeting you. Thanks also for the kirsty plug. :)

Your arms are grand. I'd like to have some of those myself.

I'm always struggling with weight. I am doing really well the past 2 weeks. A few things that ALWAYS work with me:

-allowing myself 200 calorie splurge daily
-drinking LOTS of water (even though I hate going to the bathroom all day long)
-Not drinking after 6--taper down gradually. 8, 7, 6. Its mainly mental. When you feel your tummy grumbling at night tell yourself you're losing weight-and...
-weigh yourself in the morning to prove it to yourself

I'm also reading Fiber 35. Its about getting 35 grams of fiber daily. It takes planning but it HELPS immensely!! Good luck!

Amelia Sprout said...

I had my best luck with diet changes (no sugar or refined things and getting 8-10 servings of fruits & veggies a day) but also circuit training.

It is SO not as easy as it was when I was younger, especially since there so many other distractions, sick kid, laundry, work, etc. You look amazing however. It will happen one day that all of a sudden there are big changes. Always works like that now.

:) said...

I love you Amy! We were talking about how much we love you at Potluck last night...and this is why. You are so real!! Good luck w/ the weight loss. I trained for a 1/2 marathon-that's running alot and I even eat a mostly raw diet except on Fri and Sat nights and ...nothing!! I redistributed a little bit, my butt is a little higher but it's all still there. Effing fat. You go!!! Katie's competition sounds great!

Elan Morgan said...

I'm noticing that weight loss is way harder now than it used to be, but also that my fat is going to different places and being bigger somehow. Pants that I wore a few years ago when I was actually heavier are too small now. Grrr.

I don't understand bodies.

You, though, are brilliant for working out. Even if it's harder to distribute everything as it once was distributed, you will distribute it beautifully, I'm sure of it, and be healthier and happier to boot. That arm you showed us? I want that arm. I am getting what some call "bingo wings", which seems perfectly ridiculous, because I swear that I just graduated from high school.

Robin Norgren, M.A, R-YT, Spiritual Director said...

Well here's my tip: On my40th birthday my body literally STOPPED responding to exercise and STARTED IMMEDIATELY responding to any bad food choice-NO GRACE! Weight training was the answer for me in the form of "body PumP' group exercise class-it took about 10 weeks to really so "hey ya!" but its fun and the results are lasting AND it did boost my metabolism.


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