Friday, October 30, 2009

help me with the small sugar


whoorl said...

OMG, you are awesomesauce.

(I don't know what to do with the candy. Wito's dentist buys it from the kids for $1/lb - pretty fun, huh?)

susiej said...

I have no idea... but I have to tell you... we have 4x more. Sick.

DavidLWatts said...

Limit them to a piece or two per day or one after lunch and one after dinner. That way they learn moderation.

Rachel said...

I know! The candy is insanity!

Moderation is great but at a piece or two a day the candy could last the whole year. Who needs candy every day?

I would let them pick a few they want to keep and then do something with the rest.

The question is, do what? Donating seems like a bad idea because yes, it's just giving the obesity to someone else. Selling to dentist is great but I wonder what he/she does with it?

Maybe the trick (ha!) is to be proactive next year. We could host a healthy treats party?

momtrolfreak said...

i have heard of giving them a set amount of $$$ per pound of candy, and then they trade it in for the cash and get to buy a toy or something...? buy a toy in advance (depending on child's age) and tell them to leave the bag of candy outside their bedroom door overnight and in the morning the Halloween Fairy will have brought them a toy and taken the candy.
And you let them have one piece of candy to keep for each year of age.

secret agent mama said...

One year I gave my kids the choice of picking 20 faves OR they could eat as much as they wanted (you know up to the point of vomitrociousness). Two chose to pick 20 faves while the third chose to eat to his heart's content. Ha! Joke was on him.. he only ate like 10 and had a belly ache. CONSEQUENCES, yo!

Alexis said...

We do 2 candies a day, after they've given a bunch away--the gym teacher at the school collects it for charity. I don't know what charity wants bite-sized candies, but it makes the girls feel good about giving some away.

Amelia Sprout said...

Save a few, sell the rest to the dentist or put in the trash. If needed, I would also save some for potty training bribes.

paige said...

The boy can't have anything with dye in it, so we've been buying his candy for years--once he starts accumulating cash for the stuff he absolutely can't have, he's eager to hand over some of the good stuff, because he LOVES money. Last night brought in 23.00 for him--the amount seems huge to him (and it is a sizeable chunk) but it's only once a year, so I have no qualms about giving it to him. Each year i set a price for the entire stash, and he goes back and forth about it, but finally opts to keep a little.

After we collect it and forage a little, the rest goes to work with Albert--all of his young 20-somethings on his team are thrilled to see it.


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