Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the glow of an autumn night

I love my husband.
We have wood on the brain- but he still finds time to take me out and thrill me.
He took me for a stroll up to the local pub Friday night for one drink and all of the sudden I had drank 5 pints and made several new life friends.

I also stood under the glow of an autumn night
and kissed him in the street
until all of the people stared
and wished for
one still second
that they were us

@thatpatti snapped this shot. love her.


jess said...

I love you...I was doing a mondo beyondo exercise today and used you as an inspiration in defining my core values.


erin said...

Love this, so beautiful.

Stillie said...

What beautiful imagery! So romantic! As a hopeless romantic, it warms my heart to read stuff like this.

princessica said...

how beautiful your writing is. thank you for sharing these fine moments of bliss.

Jodi said...

Oh yeah!!!! Another chance to live vicariously today. I'm having a good day! Thanks for the post.

Sizzle said...


How lovely.

Alexis said...


Unknown said...

So wonderful.

Kaylovesvintage said...

joe you are wonderful,on my way to the Uk next week


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