Thursday, July 9, 2009

it's blurry like the speed of life

and they run off into the evening of the neighborhood for just one more
walk around the block in pajamas.
My strict early bedtime has been way easy breezy this past month.
My three shirtless boys walking and talking and I am in the house now with my feet up
enjoying the relax of two happy hour beers.

We all met daddy and had happy hour on the porch of a very old place.
Earlier in the day me and the boys sat in front
of our local hardware store for 1.5 hours talking to everyone.
We sat on one of those swing gliders and ate some candy.
Finn and Blaise and Joe all amazed me today.
In quiet moments randomly through the day they struck me with arrows of love and shook me right out of the bullshit that I tend to get stuck on.
It was a lovely day.

It was a day that reminded me of the very sweetness of life.
The moments that we stitch together on a very long string.
The string that we must, I imagine-
twiddle with our thumbs when we are very old.
Looking back
and glowing
glowing with a mix of peace and that feeling that you get right before you cry:
That small push up of muscles in yr throat that announces feeling.
I felt very deep about this day I had.
Just a normal Wednesday-
but not really.
Have you had these kind of days?


vincent said...

I have those days a lot. It feels good to take a deep breath and appreciate.

robin ann mcintosh said...

definitely had those days, jut not in awhile. thanks for reminding of me that wednesday can be sweet.

whoorl said...

I love those days. It's what we live for, right?

K said...

I'm having those days a lot lately. I'm thankful.

village mama said...

Joyful, memory-laneish, love full, so alive, love your new banner Amy!

I love that you are having one of those magical days. I have a poem called 'it was just another Wednesday'...I am blessed to feel this kind of magic a lot. I think the sizzle comes from connecting with others and our community. xo

Leigh said...

indeed, i have those days.
and they always feel like the most beautiful and precious gifts.

that photo is great. thank you for sharing! xoxo.

ticklishfromadistance said...

Yes. And they make me feel warm and light. Can never have too many.

Cate said...

those days. thank goodness for those days! i've been having a little week of not-those-days. thank you for sharing this day and reminding me that one of those days is just around the corner, amy.

the picture speaks, too: dreamy, something you cannot quite hold in your hand but can hold in your heart.

Helen said...

lovely blog you have here.


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