Monday, June 22, 2009

I've never been so grossly insulted in all my...

thinking about our trip to the UK next month and how I love to visit family in Shropshire.
I was thinking about the first time I went there so long ago and how Joe's sister and her husband took us to the most gorgeous place ever...

It was picturesque and there were sheep everywhere and gliders
(you know those fancy pant areoplaney things like in Bond films)
and everyone was dressed like camping chic and I just loved it.

I recall how when we got back to the house I told my new brother in law-
the handsome and keenly witty Simon:

"Thanks so much for the day. Can we go back to the Long Minge again?"

The whole room laughed right out loud at me.
Joe whispered----"The Long Mynd!"
and I just nodded.

It would take over a decade to learn all of the naughty words the British have accumulated.
Anyhoo. I thought of this today. I also thought of how Joe still thinks my uncle Randy is a funny name and women should never ever wear fanny packs.

title post- Jane Eyre 1944


Neil said...

You need to go on a glider this time.

Alexis said...

My mom is German (naturalized American now) and the judge that married my parents was named "Fickling," which sent my mom into fits of giggles because it means something like Little F***er.


Having British friends, I can't say the name Randy without laughing a little.

180360 said...

I think the vocabulary I've picked up from my husband makes speaking all the more fun!


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