Friday, June 19, 2009

It's FRIDAY I'n in LOVE/Inspire Me Series #21

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Piper is my girl.
She is one of the first people I allowed into my life online.
I was kinda freaked out that I adored someone that lived inside of my computer.
It was weird and immediately I understood how folks use online dating and fall directly in love online. We just got each other straight away and we would be in each others lives if not for geographical fate.
She is interesting and sparkly and funny and very inspiring to me as she makes me want to fall in love with nature more. She writes about life and I just love her journey.
We have double secret music twin brains and will have a blast next month together at blogher~ We are roomies! Yay!
Please read about her and visit her lovely space online!
If you know me well- you might want to leave her some tips for handling me at blogher!
(I am very messy and drink too much beers and perhaps may find a table and dance on it) lol!

I asked her to talk about inspiration:

The place where mountains meet water, that's the most magical spot for me. A glacial lake, a mountain stream, a lily pond in a valley. The colors of nature that collide together there, and the fabric of the air. To breathe the fabric amid the saturation of high altitude hues, to be alive in that space.. it would be impossible for my spirit to find higher illumination.

Anything reminiscent of the childhood I shared with my grandparents. A tiny country church with rows of hard wooden pews that hold worn hymnals in their backs, and tissue boxes on the ends. A lilac hedge. Purple iris and daisies. Pancakes on Saturday morning and fried chicken for Sunday supper. The hum of a sewing machine. The taps and pings of tools made of wood. A redheaded woodpecker diligently hammering its hollow oak home. Anything that evokes those sweet moments of my youth fill my heart with something so wholesome that the only thing I can do is 'create' something emotional.. that's likely to be a dancy ballerina jig, or a singy-song, or a handwritten letter to someone loved.. all the while pushing the tiny tears in the corners of my eyes with my knuckle, and whispering gratitude for my memories.

People who a fearless in their creativity and expression are my ultimate inspiration, I think. People who go for it, balls out, people who live their lives to the fullest are the epitome of who I aspire to be. I find the greatest outlet for witnessing this expression on Flickr. One of my favorite things online is my Favorites collection on Flickr.
I love to look at the recently uploaded feed on Flickr, and I can do that for hours before realizing it. I favorite photos of things that I find inspiring, or just awesome. Other people's creativity inspires me a great deal. A few examples of shots that delight my innards:





Okay, my favorite things... seriously whittled down

the webcam at Spring Creek Ranch is my daily view of the Tetons (you can't see it at night, obviously)

Soap & Glory Cosmetics

I love the Sundance Catalog, mostly for the jewelry

I read my weekly horoscope here:

I'm a vivid dreamer, so this site has been very helpful and full of insights:

Thanks Pipes! I luv you!
Her blog is fab- go there and get lost- tell her I said hello. xoxoxo
happy friday


Piper of Love said...

Amy gull, I'll love you forever I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my sweet gull you'll be.

What YOU don't know is that I'm messy, drink too many beers, and will believe with all my heart that any table can hold both of our boogying bodies. Just you wait and see!

Thank you for this! xoxoxo

Rachel said...

Piper is fabulous and a completely wonderful inspirational gal.
I can't wait to meet her in real life next month!

This is awesome. Love that you did this and loved her answers.

Happy weekending! Cheers!

OHmommy said...

Piper was one of my very first people I started to "stalk" online. I heart her. Lovely post.

Anonymous said...


Piper was the reason I started blogging. Should I blame her or thank her? ;p

Great post!

Jenna said...

Could NOT agree with you more! I fell in love with Piper too, long before I actually got to meet her. She is one of a kind, and the truest sort of person there is. I want to be more like her. What a privilege it is to be in her circle of friends. Very nice tribute, my dear.


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