Monday, May 11, 2009

working hard

work work work, originally uploaded by turnsharp.

I think I was suffering from some sort of depression from finishing five seasons of The Wire on DVD in less than a month. I love that show. I would burn my eyeballs and watch it late at night. I am rating this show right up there with Six Feet Under. It is on my laminated list of shows that I like to make love to.
Today kinda rocked though- and pulled me from the post traumatic stress of missing McNulty.
We won the etsy baby shower gift contest and we were interviewed for a local newspaper article about our wood toys.
Yeah, the work is hard but super sweet.
I think it is kinda cool that our boys are growing up in a house where they can learn a trade if they like. Sure they can rock it at college and I hope they do- but they can also move to some cool small town and be the hot carpenter perhaps.
They can carve out magic of their own.


Bees'netta said...

Yay! Congrats!!

Shawn said...

That's great!! Congratulations. Enjoy the moment. I think you will have many more to come, though. :)

village mama said...

awesome that you won! xo awesome that your kids have enterprising parents! xo awesome that the news is spreading! xo

Rowena said...

That's wonderful. Congratulations!

180360 said...

If you rate The Wire up there with 6 ft Under, I guess I'm going to HAVE to check it out.

I am so happy that you are getting such great recognition. :)

The Redheaded Lefty said...

I almost left my husband for Avon Barksdale. McNulty was hot and all until he wasn't anymore. You're right---two best shows.

writtenbliss said...

I'm finishing up your article right now! You'll see it all over town in next week's papers. :)

Heather Overby said...

I just found you. Your work is beautiful! I totally want one of your pieces for my little Stanley boy!

Heather Overby said...

I just found you and your work is beautiful! I totally want one of your pieces for my Stanley boy!


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