Tuesday, May 19, 2009

to market to market

IMG_0559, originally uploaded by PEARL MARKET.

It was a great opening for Pearl Market. I had an amazing time meeting all the vendors and learning how the market moves. It is wild and full of life and you can feel it as you turn on Broad St. early in the morning. You walk down the windy alley and it is alive full of those people who make and do. Full of the indie spirit I love so much...
We rode the bus this afternoon and the kids were well past insane by the time we got home and then Blaise exposed my boob to the UPS man as he picked up a package and then my new pal (the adorable reporter) came by to pick up an order and my house nearly swallowed her her up in the squalor that is my downstairs. (hello diapers on the floor and half chewed assorted food in the foyer) I felt defeated for a moment. But then I picked up the phone and ordered a pizza and methodically planned my bubble bath in my head and pretty much everything became just fine.
Oh yeah and I had Kettle Corn today. Hot from the Kettle. Life rules!


Jeannette said...

Sounds you had an interesting day,included postman and reporter.;)
I had a good giggle reading it.
Have a relaxed day, Jeannette

Kim said...

Boob flashin and kettle corn.. sounds like a perfect day to me.. :)

Love the picture.. :)

village mama said...

Gorgeous pic!! Glad to hear your market day was fabulous.xo

Rowena said...

pizza and bubble bath, huh? So that's the key to making it all better??

I will remember that.

writtenbliss said...

Don't be embarrassed! Your house was charming. I love the Harper rattle ... Claire and Betsy (her mother) will be lucky if I can talk myself into handing it over.



vincent said...

This is the best picture ever!


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