Friday, May 8, 2009

It's FRIDAY I'n in LOVE/Inspire Me Series #19

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This week I am so happy to talk about the wonderful Schmutzie.
This is what I wrote about her for something last year:

Schmutzie is one of my daily reads. I love her writing and I found her blog last Spring when she had discovered she had cervical cancer. I have been happy to read along with her as she recovered and I was blessed to meet her at BlogHer this summer [July 2008]. She has been so open about her fight and her gift is her writing as she can make you laugh and cry and shake yr head as easily as she steals yr heart.

I pretty much love her. She is interesting and genuine. I think someday she will write a book. I have this daydream where we both write books and they get picked up and we tour the country together. She is sweet and small and I may like to carry her on my back as we tell the world the stories in our heads. She has amazing stories.

She has launched a wonderful movement this year called
Grace in Small Things and it rocks. Go there and be filled up.

She says:

things that inspire me:
- other creative people
- the early morning dark
- laughter

Three photos I like:

Favourite places on the Internet:
- thebloggess
- shuttersisters
- thesartorialist

Visit her at her beautiful blog and here:
Grace in Small Things
, Five Star Friday, Schmoetry, Twitter, and Schmutzie's Reviews.


Angella said...

Oh, I love me some Schmutzie (and you too, of course)


Elan Morgan said...


That's all I have to say.

:) :) :)

village mama said...

Neat woman!'Grace in Small Things' is prayer-like, love it. xo

I can't find my blog said...

Schmutzie is a love. A blog crush. A force. And a friend!

Thanks for introducing us last summer. Sneaking out was so much better after we all met!

Only about 2 months left!


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