Friday, January 16, 2009

"It's FRIDAY I'm in LOVE/Inspire Me Series #7

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I don't know how I found her. I am just glad that I have. Stephmodo is really inspiring to me.
I love her blog and the various topics she blogs about.
I love her style and her ideas.
I love blogs who elevate the home to this domestic gorgeous art form.
I am not a domestic goddess.
BUT- I love reading and looking at those who are- love it.
Plus she is as sweet as sugar.
Here are some things she had to say about inspiration.

1. Epicurious. It's the ultimate in food websites. Because everything is rated, you know exactly what you are getting into beforehand. A huge pet peeve of mine is putting forth effort into making something that looks delicious, but then it isn't. I've found that if you only make recipes with an 88% approval rating or higher, you're guaranteed to love what you make. If you want to make something with a particular ingredient, type it in and then sort the results by rating. Just writing about it is making me hungry...

2. Mrs. Meyers anything in Lavender. I love the fresh's totally unlike other artificial-smelling cleaners. To date my favorites are the hand soap and counter top spray. For whatever reason, that splash of lavender adds a little somethin' somethin' to my day.

3. France. Luscious food, amazing style, vast collections of art, beautiful scenery, a lot of history....what's not to love? It's a wonderful place to visit and to feel inspired. I can't get enough and find that despite my inclinations to travel all over the world, I always come back to wanting to visit France.

Stephanie's Top 5 Fav Blogs:

Oh Happy Day
Black Eiffel
Design Mom
Simple Lovely
Sugar City Journal

Fav shops on the web...(note: I don't do a lot of shopping on the internet so this is pretty basic)

Banana Republic
Etsy, Etsy and more Etsy

Go check her out! She will make yr day! xo

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Rowena said...

I just read her blog and have to say it's fantastic. I love her focus on budget friendly ideas. She's proof that we can still be stylish and cheap... uh... thrifty.

Karen said...

love epicurious! it's my go-to recipe site.

Momo Fali said...

She had me at Piperlime.

And, are SO a goddess.

Anonymous said...


Hooray for new blogs to read and savor!

Thank you for telling us about her!

village mama said...

Yay to your FIIL # 7! Stephmondo sounds lovely. Going there now. xo

Joslyn said...

i love this feature amy! so cool + I LOVE Stephanie. she has great, great taste ;-)


vincent said...

I just ordered around $50 of Mrs. Meyers off of I have been hooked on the lavender, but am trying the basil and the lemon verbena... I hope they are as great...

Stephanie said...

thank you for the kind words amy :) You made my day...week...the whole sha-bang!

I love blog friends.

Janssen said...

I love these posts. What a fun thing!


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