Friday, January 23, 2009

It's FRIDAY I'm in LOVE/ Inspire Me Series #8

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I love Bex. She inspires me. I like the way she plays. I like her style. She rocks.
I know you will love her too. I asked her to talk about inspiration:

Wow! A request to write about inspiration from someone that inspires us!

We love Amy, & her hubby at 'little alouette'. So much so that they inspired my husband to stab his hand with a box cutter. Pah! Hahahahaha…

I think the first time Amy & I met was over at flickr.

We had both entered a contest about motherhood. She commented on my entry & we've been following each other around pretty much ever since.

(Her photo was awesome by the way. The pirate one I think. Ya know?)

Anyhoo "Inspiration"...

Phew! That's a BIG question isn't it? What inspires us?

We were asked this question in year 10 design, (OH SO many years ago!) & back then, for me it was a matter of anything that was bleak, ornate, dark & macabre.

Approximately 20ish years on, the reverse is true.

I find myself attracted to the pretty, the "plain", the simple.

I think 10 years in Japan has contributed to this enormously, a chance to scratch the surface of life's 'wa'.

The girls of course are a huge part of this need for simplicity, we still want to be surrounded by beautiful things, but now I find the small & seemingly insignificant details can make the simple come alive…& quickly.

I suppose it's all about cutting back, sorting out & slowing down.

OK, that said, let's get on with the good stuff.

If you look at my link & 'blogs I follow' lists you'll come across the people that inspire me everyday.

The first blog I ever read was 'Soule Mama' about 4 years ago when I was pregnant with Pops.

I was googling info about water births & there she was in all her Mama glory.

It's amazing to go right back to the beginning of her posts, see the blurry pictures & read the hesitation & uncertainty in her "voice".

She would be my pick for the "Mumma In The Xtreme" awards…

Fashion wise I droooool over 'uniform studio'.

Martha's designs are just bliss & have me swinging from "could I make that?" to "Nup, what's the exchange rate like this week?" Lurrrrrrrve her!

Environmentally? 'Going Crunchy' without a doubt.

Shan has taken the dormant activist that lay quietly inside me & brought her to the fore front of my daily life.

My great friend Lachy can lay claim to that as well. Our lives are a lot greener thanks to them.

People that get me, like my friend Bea. Totally teasing me about my obsession with linen, sticks & string.

Always showing up at my place with a bag of crafty goodies for the girls.

All colour & movement that one. Brilliant.

Play for girls is usually based in the Waldorf/Steiner philosophy & everything about Steiner's view on the world interests me.


Have I waffled on enough? Just go check out the blog. It's all there in the sidebar & the posts.

In the end though, it comes down to family.

They are the reason I get up everyday & the reason behind everything I do.

Two pretty little girls & a tall drink-o-water, hand stabbin' hubby.

Inspirational bliss…XXxx
Thanks Bex! I am so glad you were here today! Bex is a doll! Don't hesitate to chat with her and please go visit her blog! xo


Deb Rox said...

You had me at wa.

stephanie said...

I love stories like these! They're always so wonderful. :)

nelya said...

"...the small and seemingly insignificant details can make the simple come alive." great is that! There is no shortage of inspiration at this little spot you call "doobleh-vay!"

Anonymous said...

LOVE it. [attracted to the pretty, the "plain", the simple.]

See me running? It's to check out her blog and all the blogs she likes....Oooohhh the inspiration they must all hold. Can't wait!

World Wide Alternative said...

Awwwwwwwwww, thanks Amy!
And Deb,
& sunny...
I'm off to check you guys out now.
I have a feeling my link list may be about to grow...XXxx

Anonymous said...

nice. did you have a waterbirth in japan as well?

village mama said...

I heart Bex too! She's one of my newest, most amazing blogger buddies. Yay, spend more time at her blog. It's joyous. xo

Going Crunchy said...

Inspiration is reciprocated! My kids still talk about Poppy and Mei and the love mail that she sent from Japan. This went into our great chest of mysteries that we keep 'bout forever!

I *heart* my blog buddies! Shan


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