Friday, December 12, 2008

It's FRIDAY I'm in LOVE/ Inspire Me Series #5

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It is my pleasure to introduce Molly from Mommycoddle.
I first started reading her blog when I first started my own blog.
I loved her laid back nature and she became a daily read quite quickly. She was more of a domestic goddess than I and I often would think of her as my home mentor. I wanted a relaxed, calm, food filled home to be second nature to me too. I would find inspiration in her recipes, farm life, traditions, and full interesting life.
I follow her on babycenter where she writes and anytime she posts a recipe I scribble it down in a little kitchen book like a madman! :)

She gave me cool ideas like this and this and this.

I mean seriously that saved my butt last year after leaving my career and salary! She is adorable and real and smart and I am so glad that I have "met" her.

Three things that inspire me:

Natural History: I love knowing what I am seeing and hearing and touching when I am outdoors. I like knowing the call of a White-Throated Sparrow or the song of a meadowlark. I like knowing if I'm hearing Spring Peepers or crickets in the tall grass. I like knowing which tree will lose its leaves first, the Sycamore or the Sweetgum.

Every day tasks: I take a lot of comfort in the rhythm and mundanity of every day life--the washing and sweeping and folding. I like the rhythm of moving through my house, tidying up, arranging, putting things just-so. This doesn't mean that my house is perfectly put together, but I long to find that beauty in the every day tasks. To notice how the sheets looking hanging on the laundry line, and how peaceful the kitchen looks when the dishes are done and the lights are turned down. A home is full of so much inspiration, if it is noticed.

Music: My love of music probably started from the days of diapers, at least that's how my mom would tell the story. I'd stand at the open door of the dishwasher and splash in the water, beating in time with the music, bopping up and down until my diapers slid to my ankles. When I was a young girl, an old man who owned a music store in our town took me under his wing and gave me private music lessons every week, until I graduated from high school. He told me I would be the next Benny Goodman. And then in college, after he passed away, I hung it up, though I know I shouldn't have. After a few years, I got back in to music, but this time it was singing, and sometimes playing piano, in a small band. I feel music somewhere deep inside me that I feel like no one else can really understand. A song can touch me and move me in ways not much else does. Music can change my mood--lift my spirits or bring tears to my eyes, bring back memories or help me remember a moment.

What else inspires me?
a table full of field guides
Wendell Berry
my three girls
the stories of local farmers
my children's drawings
a baby asleep in my arms
Kate Rusby, Patty Griffin and EmmyLou Harris
my grandmother

Some flickr photostream's:

Thank you so much for sharing Molly!!!!
kiss kiss

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robin ann mcintosh said...

thanks for giving me another blog to read ;)

Lorie said...

Off to check out her blog!

Anonymous said...

You inspired me today. This is my first time here and I will come play again...thanks for giving another person to check out as well. Drop by if you get a chance...that's my playground.

All the best!


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