Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Inspired by true events on movie screens

Today we spent the morning at SKREENED making cool t-shirts for some Christmas presents! Dude. I am wicked lucky to have the Skreened shop in my town.
I have talked about my love for them before. They are awesome shirts and the staff is wonderful! They played with my kids and made us feel really at home today!

Daniel Fox is such a cool kid and we have recently met in real life! (we used to just be twitter pals) We were both featured on a local morning show recently as local entrepreneurs. I adore him and he was cool enough to give me some gift certificates to pass on to my readers.
LISTEN UP- SKREENED is my local yokel- but it is a worldwide website that ya'll should be using. Ethical Custom Apparel YO!
So go over to skreened and tell me a cool t-shirt design you love and I will draw 5 winners tonight at 10pm for 5 buck gift cards. ( and the prices are already amazing for American Apparel tees) Just in time for the holidays. (leave me yr email!)
You can now go make that "I love my liberal hooker mommy" tee for yr friends kid or the quintessential Obama sweatshirt or any custom thing you love! So cool.

Also- I wandered by Seagull bags today too. Really cool and authentic radness going on there.
Loving Columbus today xo

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, I stalked this, so if you happen to see me refreshing your page every minute in your traffic reportin , I swear, it will not happen again! (maybe)

So jealous you have this in your hood!

I would LOVE to make a custom, custom tee and my little would eat someone for the Dino All Over Print, http://skreened.com/thisfight/dino-all-over-print


angela c said...


bekka said...

it's a toss up...the octopus or dinos...my son would love either

Andrea said...

Love the city love shirt...

Abby said...

Such a cool contest. I had such a hard time choosing just one...

village mama said...

So delighted about your local home town fun. xo

no fave, I need to away from online shopping ;-)

Erin said...

Where is this place? I wanna go! I am a big harry potter nerd and I love the "wizards for obama" shirt!

SharonEKim said...

Hey, that's totally my neighborhood! My friend Eric owns the skate shop that's right at the end of that little block and my other friend Ben owns the recording studio that's right there as well. I'm glad you guys had fun. I love my neighborhood. :)

paige said...

Ooh, the strongman on the elephant--that's the ticket!!!


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