Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's FRIDAY I'm in LOVE/ Inspire Me Series #3

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I want to introduce the gorgeous Jora from Domestic Reflections. I think I "met" her when she was one of my first teether customers in the shop this summer. I went to her blog and fell right in. I love her authentic natural life and design/fashion/creative flair. She makes weekly menus that rock and always finds great things on the web. I read her to calm myself and find beauty in the everyday. She is cerebral and domestic at the same time which I love! I know she would know how to make a Charlotte de Pommes and also be able to tell me cool historical facts about the dish. Love her!

I am really glad to know her and she inspires me to love my home and surroundings and to cook some yummy food! She is a cool mama and I know you will love her blog!

What Inspires Me?

A Clean Slate

Whether it’s moving houses, changing furniture around, cleaning off my desk (something I need to do right now!), getting a new haircut, coming home from a trip, organizing and cleaning out my closet, or the start of a new year….whatever form a “clean slate” takes, I feel inspired. There is something about changing up the everyday that make me see things differently and gets my creative juices flowing.


Cooking has always been my foremost creative outlet. When I immerse myself in it, I am often inspired not just to do more in the kitchen, but in other aspects of my life as well. Getting tactile, seeing a project from start to finish and making those around me happy is very rewarding, and never fails to motivate me. Also, I love reading about food and cooking and how it all connects to life. I started collecting old Gourmet magazines (all the way back to the ‘60s!) and I love going through them for ideas and inspiration. I guess you could say creating and sharing food is a link to life for me.

My Kids

At the risk of sounding enormously cliché, I would have to say being around my kids inspires me the most: to do more, do better, see life differently. I’m sure all moms out there would agree. I love seeing life through my 3 year old’s eyes: new, fresh, with so much enthusiasm; and through my baby girl’s eyes: so trusting and pure. I lived a pretty “adult” life before I had kids: work, obligations, responsibility, routine. Kids shake that all up, which can be tiresome, but can also be very inspiring.

A couple of blogs that never fail to inspire me:

Orangette is actually the first blog I ever read. Molly truly gets the food is life connection! I always enjoy her stories and, of course, her recipes (lots of yummy soups and baked goods).

Tara is an editor and writer in "real life" so her blog is, not surprisingly, very well written. Her soulfulness really comes through in her posts. Many have brought tears to my eyes.

Amanda is a truly inspirational mother and human being. I always come away with good ideas to make family life more meaningful and to live more mindfully in general.

I love this quote on Jora's blog:

"You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around - and why his parents will always wave back."
William D. Tammeus

Thank you so much for sharing Jora!!
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180360 said...

It's no wonder I like Jora so much! We have many of the same inspirations.

I think she would be an amazing friend. She's beautiful, intelligent, elegant, stylish and thoughtful; one of those people you could draw endless inspiration from. Plus she's committed in all the areas of life I find most important.

Great choice for Friday I'm in Love! :)

Joslyn said...

I LOVE Jora. I'm so glad you featured her

karey m. said...

oy! that quote near the end...painful, right?

i must tell you, i've been a regular checker-inner {weird phrase...sorry!} on jora ever since jos showed us a peek of her house. which. is. impeccably. chic.

as is her site. as are these responses!

more people should know about her space, so thank you for this extra treat. xoxo!

village mama said...

Lovely! Thank you for sharing! xo

Sarah said...

Jora is a cool chick for sure. I can verify from 'real life'. She's the reason I started my blog. I check in with hers daily and it feels like we've chatted.

She's a gem.

(If you make it over to my spot, check out my shoutout to Jora as well.

Sarah said...

What a nice post. Jora is a cool chick. I can verify from 'real life'. I check in with her blog daily and feel as though we've chatted. Don't you love the blogosphere?!

I did a sista shoutout on her myself. Check it out at

She's a gem.


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