Friday, November 7, 2008

It's FRIDAY I'm in LOVE/ Inspire Me Series #1

Welcome to my Friday Inspire Me Series!

I want to highlight folks that make me happy here. I was really happy to have kicked off my idea with the divine AshleyG on Monday. I hope you will find some inspiration and creativity among these posts I have planned. I am going to work on this series through 2009- so get ready for a ton of amazing peeps!
I hope you find new blogs to read, art to adore, and words that may comfort or energize you.
I am asking all the guests to tell me three things that inspire them. They take it from there...and a photo too.

Follow the bliss...

I wanna introduce Emma Bradshaw! I believe I came to know Emma through Flickr...but one cannot be sure- don't you just love the way the blog world works...I just know I found her and have been reading her for about a year now. I love how she incorporates nature in her daily life and adores tradition and natural parenting. I loved following her travels this summer and I love reading her blog. I really like her photographs on flickr and in her sweet etsy shop. I just adore this sweet Brit and hope to meet her someday for tea while in England!

What inspires you Emma?

It is difficult to choose just three things that inspire me, as I am a magpie, taking inspiration from everywhere... catalogues, holiday brochures, and country living magazine! So I have chosen three things that inspire me the most!

1. I work for a wildlife conservation charity, so am very inspired by nature and the countryside around us. As a family we love having 'adventures' such as stream dipping, picking elder flowers to make 'hedgerow' champagne and 'wild' swimming in rivers and streams with fish tickling your toes. We try to get outdoors as much as possible, what ever the weather, and it is my children's interaction with nature and wonder that inspires me to take photographs, I didn't have access to the countryside like they do when I was growing up so I when I look through the lens, I am discovering things for the first time too.

2. My second inspiration would be for 'Old things' or vintage things; old furniture, vintage suitcases, camping in canvas tents, enamel flasks, knitted tea cosies, baking cakes, art deco furniture, Enid Blyton books, classic George Jensen silverware, steam trains, afternoon tea. I love the simple way of life we had years ago and the fact that children could roam the countryside without a care. I have some vintage things that have been handed down to me and I have things that I have bought, but I display them and re-display them at home all the time. I love using items like this as 'props' in pictures, my enamel flask should have a blog of it's own!

3. My third inspiration is something a lot easier, it is my fellow bloggers and flickr users. In the strange virtual world that we live in, you meet people the other side of the world with the same values as you, leading their lives with the same worries and the same daily chores! I stumbled across flickr about 18 months ago after reading a book called 'The Happy Campers' by Kat Heyes and Tess Carr – that I wish I could of written! Kat is a fantastic photographer and illustrator. I am also a huge fan of Amanda Blake Soule of soulemama fame who reminds me through her daily posting the importance of family and daily life and keeps me grounded so I don't let work take over! I also love Jen at Nectar and Light who inspired me to get a very old Polaroid out of the garage and take part in her monthly photo trade. This usually challenges me to go outside my comfort zone of taking pictures of my children and look at things in a different way! Finally I would like to mention the lovely Ella Pederson of Little Red Caboose- her crafts are as beautiful as she is and I love the adventures she has with the gorgeous little A! There are so many others too numerous to mention, taking beautiful pictures, sharing wise words and each making a difference to someone on this very small planet we share!

Thanks so much Emma for sharing!
Kiss Kiss

***P.S. Anyone have mad skills and know how to make me a little cool graphic/banner thingymajig to post each week for the series? I am challenged. I just write. I may take a class someday, but for now I plead ignorance? Anyone? I will link you and send you loads of kisses and even a wee parcel of treats? xoxo

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Our Green Nest said...

Ooooh - what a need series...looking forward to reading them all!

Kim Baise said...

Thank You Emma, your blog is wonderful and your children are beautiful. I love Kat Heyes art and just peeped at her amzing home on design sponge. Now, I'll take your advice and check out her book too:)

Emma Bradshaw said...

Thank you Amy

I can't stop thinking about what inspires me now, I could of rambled on for days.... my drive to work, the morning light, the sea... can't wait to see what inspires everyone else...

Emma x

village mama said...

'Friday I'm in Love', what a fabulously named series!! Looking forward to peeking in further over in Emma's world. Thanks for introducing us to your loves. xoxo

Momo Fali said...

I'll take that class with you!

Um...just so you know, as I way lying on my son's floor for the third night in a row, I blame you for not being able to sleep, because I couldn't get Alouette out of my head.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

I use publisher to make little header things for my special things.. I have been doing a few for christmas on my blog.. each one is different.. check them out of my blog.. I could make something simple for you (I m not that much of a professional ;)

Ella said...

oh Emma, you are inspiring! and your words. beautiful words i wish i had written. i sometimes find myself daydreaming of the woods and creeks that you photograph and adventure in. What lucky boys you have.


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