Friday, October 10, 2008

I think they got the alias/that you've been living under

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I heard this song yesterday and it reminded me of the time I was in church with my mom and a woman was up on on the stage of the church. (What is it called then if not a stage?)
Anyhoo, she was fiddling with the very high tech two steps away from a karaoke machine tape player in the 80's and getting ready to play something like Amy Grant when Amy Grant was strictly still Jesus and all of the sudden Laura Branigan's voice came booming over the PA system. And it was Gloria and I was probably not even ten years old and it was the music of my people, of the skating rink and it shook and rattled the small country church and the lady wanted to die you could was like she wanted the deep red velvet like carpet on the stage to swallow her up and all around me people looked sad until she fixed it and sang to us softly sweetly about God's love.

But me, I was still jamming in my head.

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Kate Coveny Hood said...

There is a reason why people really seem to like going to churches with gospel choirs. Truly uplifting music often requires a bass guitar - and a drum kit.

Sizzle said...

Amy Grant. Man, that brings back memories.

Rowena said...


Isn't that a hymn?

Unknown said...

In my Church it's an altar. But stage is fitting.

Today is my official delurking day and I'm encouraging others to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Tee hee!

The stage? I would call it a dais.


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