Sunday, October 19, 2008

Don't You Know Now Is The Perfect Time

Today has been really productive. I am thinking about holiday gifts and the lack of coin in my handbag. I already signed in blood the handmade oath, but I jut still worry about time and all even though I started way back here. I am making keys and also these and have lots of ideas- I just hope I have the time.

Then I found this sweet sweet shop.
I talked about the smart card PDF first over at Kirtsy.
Then I discovered the calendar PDF!
OMG! What a smart cool perfect gift!
I am smitten with this shop! And she is a doll! Check it out!

So today I sat with my new printer and made cool calendars!
I mean how cool is this? I got this amazing printer to review!
I love you One to One network!
I almost frenched the UPS guy.
I was so excited to try out this top of the line printer.

It was simple to set up and I have to say my calendars look amazing. I love the photos of the boys that I printed out today too. Fast fast fast photo printing!
The coolest thing for me is that my husband and I can share one printer thanks to the built-in wireless and wired networking.
I have owned a bunch of printers and this one seems to be the best with photo printing. I have never used Epson inks before, but there are way more than a black and a color cartridge to install. It is like a spectrum of small ink cartridges designed to give the truest colors. I loved it.
I might have to say I am an Epson gal now for photo printing.

I love days when I get stuff done
don't you
happy Sunday
don't you get the Sunday blues

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Diane Mandy said...

I am happy you love your Epson, really. But almost frenching the UPS guy? Please try to curb your enthusiasm until after Christmas, will ya?

amy turn sharp said...

He is cute though! :)
And yes- I get very excitable lately- my holiday cheer starts wicked early! xo

Anonymous said...

Can you believe I still haven't had time to set mine up? I'm terrible. I'm glad to hear that you love it...I can't wait to try!

Anonymous said...

I love this shop!

I'm totally jealous you got a printer to review!

How freaking cute are those calendars. If I had a printer, I'd be printing those out for friends too!


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