Friday, October 17, 2008

And I said if the answer is no/Can I change your mind

How to have a dollhouse with rowdy boys:

When my friend Dawn gave me this amazing dollhouse I was in heaven.
And I tried very hard to get my boys to play doll house with me.
We took action figures, playmobiles, and small spidermen and tried to play house.
I explained that we would play house and tuck the babies in
and cook a meal and decorate the home.

It has never really worked.
They seem to use it as a jumping off point or fortress for aforementioned plastic figures.
They won't play house with me.
They both have a doll and are very loving, but really want to bash things together instead of decorate tiny kitchens.

So- we made a cool bookcase.
We decided to compromise.
I think it looks lovely and is practical.
I still have my dollhouse.

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Anonymous said...

hahah a very good compromise!

mayaluna said...

I like your "bookshelf". I had the exact experience with my son. We turned it into a firehouse...complete with a pole for sliding...a bookshelf would have worked too!:)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Amy. My boys just got a brand new bat cave, and they can't stop "superhero house" with it. "I want to go upstairs... oh, quick, let's get into the bat cave...I'm ready to go to sleep now... let's run downstairs and get the bad guys." You get the picture. The bat cave is simply a plastic doll house painted black and blue, instead of pink and white. I'm just saying... maybe all it needs is a change of paint color, and you can play superhero house too.


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