Tuesday, September 23, 2008

and their hair floats up to heaven

I got half my crap done. I have to be online while they sleep to do some business for Little Alouette so I had to share what brought me to such a place. I am delirious with mind chatter that is inspiring and good right now.

This man. Matt Bauer. Oh my God. Thank you L my childhood friend in Portland now... She tells me he is playing in Columbus soon. Swoon.
There is such intensity and I love watching the video of him in Brooklyn-just looking at all the musicians in that studio space is exhilarating isn't it? They are in a zone that makes me jealous. Goddamn I love a day when I discover something new!

Holy hell I love this song. (listen here before video)

thank you to this awesome blog for photo and song.


Elan Morgan said...

Thanks for turning me on to Matt Bauer. Wow.

Sizzle said...

That's awesome. Will totally go check out more of his stuff. It's like blue grass mixed with powerful Native American chants (to me).

robin ann mcintosh said...

definitely going to look him up, I have never heard of him before??

mayaluna said...

Hadn't heard of Matt Bauer, but everything's better with a banjo, right?! This clip was fascinating and drew me right in...thanks for sharing him, really awesome :)

Rowena said...

Thanks for the link. It makes me nostalgic for Brooklyn (I love Brooklyn.) Not that I am a musician or would have been at the Fox Kit's rehearsal, but maybe something like that, many years ago, before the kids came along. Sigh.

katekatenegotiate said...

dear joe,

you best grow you some beardz.


liso. said...

...new to your blog, just linked from design mom...love the music, and your love your list above...

will definitely check into mb more...thanks for sharing!


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