Saturday, August 9, 2008

You say you hunger for something you can't name at all

If it wasn't enough to love yr neighborhood for the folks and the village charm it sure rocks the casbah to have neighbors with a zip line!
They are an amazing homeschooling family and have offered up resources and help if I were to decide to home school Finnian for Kindergarten next year. Wow.

The world has so much kindness in it if you just open your palm & receive.

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Ry Pepper said...

This was really nice to read on a day where I could have strangled just about every person I saw. Getting exhausted with Manhattan rudeness. Glad to see it's not everywhere. Ha!

Unknown said...

It's fantastic to have neighbor parents who you get along with. And a zip line! My cousins had one of those growing up. Sounds delightful.

Jody said...

Wow. That zip line looks Fantasticly fun!!

Nothing better than to have cool neighbors. I've had both kinds lol.

SusieJ said...

I've had a few rare moments of real live wifi time, and I've been stalking your blog... are heaven sent motherhood....Lovely, pictures... you're like a breath of fresh air in the midst of motherhood chaos.

And darn... I missed the parseids would have been perfect on the lake. And, I was probably up tossing and turning in my bed.


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