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Just like most of the freaking awesome blogs I read, I have no clue how I wandered into Citizen of the Month. I just found myself there one day last year. Isn't that
the most brilliant part of the whole blogosphere? The random pitter patter into a space you had no idea existed? Into a life that pulses and stretches out just like yrs? The blog could be down the street or across the ocean and you just had that perfect path that particular day? Well, hot damn! I am happy I found Neil's blog and this perfectly wonderful interview project he has going on.
I was lucky enough to interview this gem :

and here is the interview:

1. Explain in exactly 13 words who you are:

I am a writer, photographer, artist, trouble maker and jane of all trades.

2. Who are yr real life hero's?
That's easy, my mom. I know, a lot of people say that, but she genuinely is. She's the one who designed and maintains my blog as well as maintaining, the site that hosts my blog and she is an artist. She has lupus and even when she's having a rough day, she's there for me and working her ass off (aka fighting with Movable Type code). She's even patient enough to listen to me whine about nothing important when she's dealing with her own aches and pains I hope one day I can be as patient, selfless and talented as she is.

3.. Tell us about what you do?
What I do is a very difficult question at the moment and kind of the route of Arts & Dafts. When I'm working for a paycheck, I'm a theater technician on and off Broadway. When I'm not doing that (well even when I am) I am working full time on the blog and at We're going through a sort of growing phase and trying to find a new audience. It takes a lot of work but this is the work I like to do. I will always love theater but I am really burned out on the stress that comes along with it. Working for myself brings new stress of course, but it's one I prefer to deal with. I find it easier to wake up in the morning and get excited about my day, even though it's a financial struggle.

4.If you could spend a lovely weekend in the country with any fictitious character who would it be?
The Cheshire Cat and/or the Mad Hatter. You can't tell me that wouldn't be an interesting weekend. Nevermind the awesome tea parties we'd have (except I'll have coffee please).

5. Would you rather enter a hot dog eating contest or a pie eating contest? Why?
Hot dog. First of all this is NYC. Who can resist a good Nathan's or sidewalk dog? Well, I can't. Second, I am one of those weirdos who can't stand pie. Actually, I'm just not all that into baked goods period. Unless it's a muffin, you know, a cupcake without icing?

6. What is yr favorite spot in NYC and why?
In Manhattan it has to be Union Square. There are always some great photography opportunities there. Such an interesting mix of locals and college kids and people yelling into megaphones. In Brooklyn, where I live, it's gotta be Prospect Park. It's less than a block from my door and I can really get away from the city when I'm in there. Plus, they have the best zoo ever!

7. Tell us two songs that you just love but are "embarrassing" to admit.
Wow, you're calling me out here. Okay, ready? Toxic by Britney Spears and Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne (particularly the Lil' Mama remix). This list could go on for days, there isn't a genre I don't listen to.

8. What are you wishing for today?
Today I am wishing for inspiration, as I am every day. I just know that great idea is waiting somewhere inside me.

9. What would you like to be doing next year this time?
What I'm doing now (writing, photography, etc) but without having to rely on theater to pay the bills.

10. Three favorite foods?
Pizza, chicken Marsala and coffee. In my world, coffee is totally a food.

11. A scent that gives you a direct train to childhood?
Sea air. We used to live right next to the Long Island Sound in Connecticut. Also, dirt. Nothing reminds me more of childhood then playing in the dirt.

12. What are three cool blogs you like to read?
Dooce, The Bloggess and Pamie. I've been reading Dooce and Pamie for years now. The Bloggess I just recently discovered back in June and I am so hooked.

13. What makes you smile hard? Corners crack?
Like no fail makes me smile every single time? When my fella laughs out loud. He's one of those quiet southern boys who doesn't have a big belly laugh (I've been searching for it for 7 years). He really just kind of giggles and he only saves it for when he's genuinely amused. You might call it a rare occasion. So when he gets going, I get going. Also, whenever my dad asks me if I really want to go to Funkytown. I know, it's an inside joke, but it's a no fail route to laughing.

Thanks to you Ry it was a pleasure to interview you! And check out the project today! Sign up! It is way cool! xo Kiss Kiss

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Ry Pepper said...

Thanks so much for the great interview. How stoked was I to find out I got to be questioned by Doobleh-Vay!? That's right, super stoked.

Anyone else who reads this, I highly suggest you jump in on the project. It really is a blast and a great way to meet other bloggers.

Anonymous said...

OMG Amy. This is awesome! If I were to be interviewed by anyone, you'd be my choice!

Tenakim said...

That's fun- I loved your prelude to the interview- so true and put perfectly!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I am totally singing "Girlfriend" out loud right now and i know all the words.

All. of. them.

How embarrassing.

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Ry is awesome! And so is this interview :-)


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