Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's just another Sunday in a tired old street

So my very fashionable friend M told me I need to focus on some key Fall pieces. She explained how certain items were back and hot. These items did not make me hot in 1988 and I somehow doubt a long sweater over my big ass now will be any better. Or a very wee tight vest over a large shirt and poof I look pregnant again. I digress.

I think the tie front blouses are kinda cool though, they remind me of my mom and her career at Martha's Gift Shop in Nelsonville, Ohio in the 80's. She was career mom stylish and I loved going to the shop. It was a like a Hallmark on steroids with every single cranny filled with assorted gifts and greeting cards before greeting cards were cool. The whole shop was breakable if I recall, but the two things that stick out in my mind are my mom being so young and lovely with tie front blouses and her large hair. Oh and some tacky Precious Moments figurines too.

I remember in the mid 80's when my mom was so freaking pumped about the movie Mischief when it was filmed in Nelsonville. She met all the actors and had her camera with her daily.

We would hang out and catch glimpses of Kelly Preston and the cute boys from the film. The town was buzzing electric and I bet my mom adjusted her tie front blouse and looked perfect as she flipped the sign to lunch on Martha's door and headed down the street to eat her lunch where it was happening. I think I can recall her in some knitwear that was lovely. For me- not so much. I do however recall rocking a bright yellow and blue feather roach clip during my stint as annoying kid at Martha's Gift Shop after school. Wow. Those were the days.

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Unknown said...

OMG I had about a dozen of those feather clips. And I always felt stupid wearing them.

I'm having a hard time enjoying the 80s flashback except for a few things too. A sweater-dress at Banana Republic caught my eye today. :)

AnnetteK said...

OMG, serious flashback to junior high and wearing those stupid feather clips to school. I think I had that exact one. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in DC and it was far too conservative for Roach clips - but I do have fond memories of frosted lip gloss and rhinestone jewelry.

Caroline said...

Oh my god, the vests! I was a little suspicious of them, even in the eighties. I did have a brocade one that I think came from the Limited or some such place, but when a pink leather one arrived as a gift the next year from a relative, I simply couldn't bring myself to put it on. Thanks so much for questioning the fashion paradigm. This is not a flattering decade for me, either.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I had a roach clip with red feathers. Of course, I had NO idea what it really was - I thought it was just some really cool hair piece. Which I was too shy to wear. haha

Anonymous said...

I have to say, the minute any magazine or Oprah commentator tells me there are 'key pieces for [insert season/reason] here],' I tune out. If I followed that advice, I'd be in acid wash and plaid with bows in my hair. Not that there's anything wrong with that--it's just not me. & ultimately, that's the key piece--not any particular trend or item of clothing.


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