Friday, August 29, 2008

do it with a heart wide open

My friend R had a fantastic Holiday Gift idea.
She is going to buy these small books
and bag them in these
along with bottles of white vinegar for green cleaning
and other small items like energy-efficient light bulbs
and microfiber towels
and give green
I love it! I must steal that idea for some family members!

and then I must share that I cannot no longer hide my true feelings for John Mayer. I didn't ever mean to love him like this. I even resisted him when he talked about my body being a wonderland. I would only allow my body to sway a bit back and forth in public. Just like a tiny shoulder nudge back and forth. Damn it though. I love you John. I love you and yr song is on repeat all damn day.

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Joslyn said...

that is a super, super brilliant present idea. i'm doing it fo sho.

Unknown said...

you know my deal with John Mayer, right?

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome gift idea.

And welcome to the John Mayer stalkerhood. It's nice to have you here.

Erika said...

That is a great idea! The Armchair Environmentalist is a great little green book as well. Also- if you buy them used thru Amazon they are super cheap and you are doing good by recycling!

Anonymous said...

that is a really great gift idea!

jenB said...

He makes me feel a little funny (John Mayer), if you know what I mean.


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