Monday, July 14, 2008

Field and fountain, moor and mountain

I know it is July and any talk of Christmas is madness, but I must start now for my Handmade Holidays if I want to have any sense of bliss and joy during the real season. I like to make gifts for folks I love and last year we made a promise to start early so we would not be insane in December.

I think the holiday time is really for hanging out and enjoying each other. I used to love the rush and hustle bustle of finding perfect gifts, but as I get older I like to shop all year and buy things that speak to me for certain folks and make things that mean something.

This year I want to make some funky jigsawed key holders I saw in a cool Japanese book from the library and I found some old mirrors and doors from salvage that I want to pretty up. I also wanna make my own
DIY version of these for folks and perhaps some lovely freezer paper stencil t-shirts. Kiddos are going to get wood toys from the shop and some new cool items are in the works. I also wanna keep making art smocks bc I think they are great gifts when paired with art supplies. I have to reign my enthusiasm in and choose three or four projects or I will go wonky and nuts.
Does anyone else start early on handmade projects?
One more thing...Are you going to blogher?
Email me yr cell number if ya wanna meet up and have a drink!
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Anonymous said...

the book looks so great....I want to meet up...are you coming for coffee

Anonymous said...

It is madness. In a great way. I start ahopping after Labor Day (sometimes before) and I can't even make anything!

(Yes, I am that annoying person who is done by Thanksgiving, at least.)

I hope you will be giving us sneaks and previews!

I can't find my blog said...

I love all of your projects-maybe you can inspire me more at BH!

I'll meet ya in the room!
(btw- the secret word below made me laugh:


Sizzle said...

You know I'll be seeing you there!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the "City in a Bag" in Domino this month? A very pretty wooden New York City. My first though was, "I want it!" My second thought was, "I want to buy it from Amy!" In Domino mag - lower right corner on the last page.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was going to Blogher so that I could meet you!! Awwh poop, maybe next year.

As for starting Christmas early, I love it! I used to work in an office with another girl and when we would get stressed out about our work load, we'd pop in a christmas cd, and sing along, didn't matter what time of year, it was fantastic!

Joslyn said...

i fantasize about starting early for christmas...but that's something right?

can't wait to see ya on thursday girl.

Diane Mandy said...

I certainly admire you for being able to work with your hands. I failed scissors in kindergarten!

Our Green Nest said...

Yeah, it's on my list :)...need to get to that! Those key holders are cool!

Anonymous said...

Every year I swear I'll get started early. Maybe this year will be the one...

Monica said...

Oh yeah .. I want sneaks and previews too. Last year was the first Christmas my mom and dad's family pulled tickets and did the handmade Christmas thing. Even all the kids made and got handmade gifts ... it was AWESOME!!! Some of my favorite ideas ...
- a scrapbook my sil made ... she emailed everyone I knew and asked them to write up a little something telling what they loved about me. Ack! Honestly it was so meaningful .. this is the stuff I would only probably hear at my funeral .. SO amazing to read it when I'm alive. :)
- my brother went and raided my dh's shed and oiled all his garden tool handles and spray painted the metal parts black. They looked brand new and gorgeous!!! So cool.
- my mom made marshmellows
- my daughter tye dyed socks and underwear to match for my brother
- I made up some homemade journals for my sil

It was an awesome Christmas!!!! Great motivation to start now ... and I love your salvaged mirrors. I think I need to go looking for some ...
Thanks for the inspiration!

And I was a harried, make something quickly, crazy girl last xmas.


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