Monday, July 28, 2008

And castles are burning in my heart

So I think in an attempt to not work on my novel I have been going through old writings. I mean really old ones, the ones that live suspended in the place where I first really considered the writing life. I wrote this story below for a writing workshop at college and it has hung over my head ever since. I find it ever so often in a folder or something. I think it wants to fly and only she knows how it should have became something many years ago. I have never revised it though, bc I am just not sure if it is a novella or a poem or a short story or an essay. I know that the bones are good and timeless and could stand alone someday.

I thought I would share it. I am going to just dry read it after many years and not edit/ it will be rough as a random kid or music or doorbell might be in the background.
If yr feeling blue it will probably make you laugh at some points. Ah youth.

Also- my garage band is down and I had to make an imovie for the sound- sorry bout the blank screen- but just close yr eyes. :)

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Our Crooked Tree said...

There is a Heather Clark in every school I guess. What an amazing story. I feel like I was right. You have more talent in your "pinky swear" as Little Man calls it, than I have in my whole body!

I have something for you. Come and get your love at my place...

Anonymous said...

Amy, I want to jump up and down.. I loved listening to you read me one of your stories.. I loved the narration..



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