Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And as I recall I think/we both kinda liked it

Dad was able to walk to work today so we scored the truck.
We went directly to church:

We also played in the water at the fountain:

and had ice cream before 10am:

Grandma gifted the boys with these:

And mama gifted herself with this frock from some freelance moolah:

Sometimes you really do need to treat yrself. Sometimes you need to take a day off from everything and just be. Blaise loves his new shoes and has said lots of new words today- they sound much like Mandarin and French mushed together, but he is really trying!
Finn said he liked driving around with me and listening to music. He was an angel at the mall. He even said I looked pretty as I tried in vain to stuff myself into a few dresses at Forever 21. Size large kiss my ass!


Joslyn said...

love that dress girl...fully expect to see you wearing it next week.

Erika said...

Forever 21? They should call it Forever 4, cause thats the only size that can wear that stuff.
And, we have ice cream for breakfast here sometimes. It can't be any worse than a bowl of sugary cereal with milk....

Anonymous said...

Hey, I didn't know that we go to the same church. We should carpool sometime!

karey m. said...

forever 21 and shops like her are so dangerous, right? because you see large...but it's not quite the large you know and love...

that dress looks very cool.

Anonymous said...

ooh, what a fun day. good for you. cute dress..rock it!

Momo Fali said...

Sigh...I miss the mall. I'm tired of wearing Target clothes.

Anonymous said...

I walked into Forever 21 just yesterday..was overwhelmed and walked out quickly. And like one commentor said.. a size L there is like a size small in the real world..
The dress looks adorable..


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