Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is no ordinary love

She is by far
my favorite painted lady.
Helga Testorf
The Helga Collection
by Andrew Wyeth
I love her hair- the perfect color of strawberry blond.
I love her deliberate stillness and mystery.
Were they lovers?
Where is the collection now?
I heard it was sold to an American buyer and is poof- gone away from the limelight.
When you are really really wealthy you can probably find things and have things.
I will play the lottery next week and make it a quest for a Helga.
Seriously, if i ever strike it crazy rich that is the first thing I want.
Isn't she lovely?

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katekatenegotiate said...

i'm likin' her wilderness look. the crazy-lady-in-fur look, not so much.

Anonymous said...

I like the name Helga and I love how mysterious she looks. :D

amy turn sharp said...

she is dreamy beautiful and Helga is a totally cool old name yes!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Many of the Wyeth paintings are at the Brandywine Museum, in suburban Philadelphia. The building,like the collection, is quite stunning. Doesn't help with the missing Helgas, but an fyi if you want to take a road trip.

Anonymous said...

I love the two pictures together. Two very different images - but under the first impression, the same woman is there. Makes me want to go through the old photos of grandmas then and now and make something with them.

village mama said...

She is gorgeous. A friend of mine, Kiwi-born mama M looks just like her. I've known her 10 yrs + and most of the time I'm just soaking her in, I can't get enough of her features. Spectacular, Helga-like...If I win the lottery I will find you a Helga. Promise. XO

Momo Fali said...


Anonymous said...

this is great,I love Helga


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