Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Please tell me your second name/ Please play me your second game

I have very fond memories of me and my kids from school spending most late afternoons during summer school/summer program outside of Sawyer Recreation Center sat round long tables playing Mancala. It was a fierce competition nearly each day and all the Mancala players were highly skilled and highly animated. I battled a particular girl for years(Dynisha if you ever read this you rock)and could never become victorious. :(

Mancala is super fun!

The object is to compete to collect as many marbles as you can before yr opponent clears his side of the game.
Here are the rules!
You can make mancala games with egg cartons or tins, but the way we went was with the earth! Grab a patch of earth, a spoon, and some rocks!(I used some river rocks-but you can use beads or buttons or anything really)

Make two trenches on either side of yr playing rectangle and then dig 12 small holes for the rocks to sit in snugly. Simple as that! Finn loved digging up a bit of the backyard and it has been keeping us entertained all morning.

When you tire of the game you can simply cover up the holes and throw some grass seed down!
Etymology: Arabic nakala 'to move'

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village mama said...

of course you 'went Earth', your gang is so kind with Her. XO

Anonymous said...

How super creative and imaginative is this?! If this isn't "green", I don't know what is.

Momo Fali said...

Throw down grass seed? You know I'm too lazy for that. I'll just start a rock garden instead.

robin ann mcintosh said...

i think my sisters used to play this, before they knew my parents bought me a gameboy : )

Melanie said...

I love mancala! And I particularly love your ingenious ground-in version!

I have a little travel set that I bought ages ago, and I have fond memories of sitting on the beach in Hawaii playing endless games of mancala and drinking way too many Lava Flows.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mancala. Yes, we have a wooden mancala set for which all the shiny stones were lost long ago. We use beans, rice or pebbles now. Great game.

I never thought to play it in the dirt. Have I said lately how happy I am to have found your place? Yea, happy. :)


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