Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hey window pane/Do you remember?

It has rained for two days and for the children it is hard times. We are normally outside a lot and I have found with two boys this is necessary. We pulled out our favorite puppet book and had shadow puppet work again. Finn wanted to make snakes, boats, sharks, large teeth, and crazy Bob Dylan puppets. Love him. We created cool puppets and tucked Blaise into his crib for a clandestine puppet show. (We tried to include him,but he chewed on Bob's head and it was ever so sad) The puppets are simple to make and have become a favorite pastime round here on rainy dark days. We use old cardboard boxes and junk mail, small brads, and wooden skewers to make our masterpieces. What do you do on rainy days without a car?

Also...My mom sent a bunch of my old clothes in a bag and I about died when I found my old name shirt. I laughed out loud at the thought of me walking around with my full name on my shirt in 1979! I remember though, I loved this shirt. The moment I touched it I was flooded with memories. My long blond hair in braids and a round belly running and jumping through the same stages as Finnian. I assumed it in shirt heaven along with those special few shirts I still wonder about(The Cure 1989 Disintegration tour tee and perfect heather reversible grey soft tee from Geneva Hills) Where do some things go? Some things stay at yr parents house for over 30 years! I had to snap a photo of Finn in my shirt. I had to.


village mama said...

What I wouldn't pay to see you and your 'round little girl belly' in that tee Amy. Adorable!!

Car less rainy days can be an intolerable pain in the a#$ or adventurous fun; some rainy days we go out for a rainy-puddle-jumping walk (the kids live in their rain coats & boots) or we take the subway to the museum or walk to the library or mess up every single room making forts or take lunch time baths or I let them marker up everything: walls, legs, bellies, my face...sometimes we take the streetcar across the city (60 minutes plus) and visit my mom. My fave rainy day treat: we three nap together.

Anonymous said...

Car-less rainy days are endless. Even with a car in the garage, we're usually home on rainy days, especially lately with the big storms rolling in and out.

As I am older (and not a bit as wise) as you, I remember those name shirts and initial shirts made with the same velvety iron-on letters. I remember being driven by the desire to own a tshirt with the my initials and the initials of my 5th grade love interest. I could not be convinced otherwise, so I saved my allowance, bought the shirt and then couldn't imagine wearing it in public, cause I was cool like that.

Good memories, thanks Amy!

I can't find my blog said...

I have a box full of old tshirts from my childhood. *Someday* I am going to make a quilt out of them so I can wrap myself in my memories-maybe even on a rainy day!

Diane Mandy said...

Is your name shirt anything like Carrie Bradshaw's Carrie necklace?

Rainy days sans car are almost my every day here in Germany. But me and my cocker spaniel, Charlie, stroll around anyway.

Anonymous said...

Where DO those wonderful old clothes go? I would love to see my rainbow shirt again, and my Indian shirt with the red neckband and arm cuffs.

The Amy Turn shirt is FAB.

robin ann mcintosh said...

oh my gosh, you make motherhood sound so fun. i want a finn of my own : ) i miss rainy days.

Erika said...

I miss my old yellow Velva Sheen shirt with my name on back and the cutest little kitten on the front that I got to pick out all by myself. Wore it at least 3 times a week!


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