Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All your suits are custom made in London

Eat yr heart out Christian Siriano
Finnian is on yr tail.
Baby is looking very "high sewing" after a round with Finn, felt, and sticky tape.
I love it when he dictates what art we will create for the day- today it was all like

let's turn this dirty naughty baby into baby spiderman super hero!

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TZT said...

Everything about this post rocks!

Betsy said...

Very ninja...very Lagerfeld.

Did I see Baby doing Blue Steel?!

Anonymous said...

hahaahahahaah!!!!!! I love it!

village mama said...

This felt 'n' tape doll is wacky fantastic!

Abby said...

I love the video. Yeah, the design is awesome. I would totally wear that.

paige said...

My very favorite Barbie clothes were always the ones I crafted from tissues, toilet paper, and napkins. The day my mother let me chop up a too-small nightgown for Barbiewear was the stuff that dreams are made of. Glad Finn can dream along with you!

karey m. said...

i love you. i just do.

have i ever told you that lill had a space between her two front teeth? and uncle sugar and i were THRILLED! because all the most beautiful women in the world have a space between their front teeth. but then the ortho here in jordan closed it up. booo!

i could watch you and finn over and over and over. and i love how you talk to him just like you would to me. although, perhaps you would talk a bit more slowly for me...this was great fun. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Homegrown {& the Bug} said...

Oh sweet lord, that 'well' your son keep spurting out? My son starts every sentence with the same thing! Hysterical...and so very sweet :)
It's so cute and amazing that the two of you craft together. I'm inspired - maybe I can get The Bug to sit still long enough to make something with me too...

Our Crooked Tree said...

You must do more videos! This was so cute! I will say "I knew him when his only medium was felt"

When my oldest asks why I make something for lunch I will now say "that was the only medium I had" ☺

Too cute!

Elías López said...

i love your post titles. and i love this baby's suit! ha ha... foudn you via whipup. i am going to try the tibetan prayer flag thang with the neighbours kids (my 8 month old isn't quite there yet!). hopefully they won't ark up, as they are nominally catholic. i love it. these kids are glued to playstation and the telly. we made a cake today and invited them over to help us walk the dog and baby, then eat. they were all over the piano. it felt so good to get them away form a flat screen for a while. and they're not even my kids!
adding you to my bookmarks.


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