Friday, May 30, 2008

One of these mornings/You're going to rise up singing

We have been listening to jazz for a couple days. Some Duke, Dizzy, Miles, Billy, Ella, and Louis... Finn says it is crazy music. I say hell yeah. I grew up with a friend who would later become a pretty great jazz pianist and would gift me with mix tapes of Keith Jarret when I was in Jr. High. I also dated Makis in Greece who is a Jazz aficionado and made me think more about melody. Jazz is like daily life with small children. It is about taking some parts of the day and working them over and over like a melody that wants to unwind. It is frenzied at times, but if you keep improvising you can find yr way to something new and better. We made some masks. I think they are so cool. Just cut out a mask shape from stiff felt and attach a dowel rod or wooden skewers(careful-pointy) with hot glue to the back. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

LOVE jazz! And that bottom picture is toooooo cute. You're wonder mom!

village mama said...

jazz is one of our favourite languages too. we should send each other a fave play list. XO

Momo Fali said...

Blaise looks like he's eating an adult's hand!

Anonymous said...

How adorable are these pics?

Sizzle said...

I love the analogy of jazz to kids. I never thought of that. I love jazz. It soothes me.

Joslyn said...

is it odd that even the most frentic jazz is somehow calming to me??

perfect analogy lady. happy weekend


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