Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I don't need an invitation/The best peach is at the top of that tree

There is a crash that is awesome after a day fueled with candy.

Our dearest friend Patrick rolled in from Boston this morning to watch this with Joe.
Joe worked for a half day and me and the boys tooled around town. We strolled down to the local candy store and Pat nearly bought out the store. It was fun.
I am sitting here thinking about what kind of trouble they might be getting into out on the town right now. At least the loudness is inside a pub and not my house. Right now my house is still with the exception of the radio softly playing in the babies room. It sounds like time for me to work on the thirty two thousand projects I have going, but it feels like time to just be. I was talking to Patrick today about how his best friends in Boston now have two small children and his buddies wife no longer babies them when he visits- she no longer wakes them up with coffee and french toast on platters like she did in their 20's after a good night out. She is busy now and they miss that coddling. Pat noted that it must all change when kids come, how the best you used to have for only one person was now spread out to many. I agreed and told him that Joe often gets the bum deal and the kids get it all. I give it all away some days. But not today. Tonight I am saving a bit of my spark for only me. I am going to grab a Stella Artois and open the screen door and and sit in my garden. I am going to turn off the computer and the phone and sit with myself. I am going to be thrilled that no one needs me and that dryer that just buzzed can flip right off. I can here myself exhale.


Anonymous said...

Hey there!
My brother bought out the same candy store for my big guy yesterday. I'm surprised there was anything left for Finn.

Enjoy exhaling--

I can't find my blog said...

This is beautiful, Amy!

Joslyn said...

enjoy the stella and the spark

Momo Fali said...

Fun! Today is a perfect day to hang out with Stella. I think I may do that.

village mama said...

hope you and Stella heard some crickets :-)


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